Posted by Peter Thompson

I John 5:13-15

The Christian’s Assurance

INTRODUCTION:  As with everything else that is written in this book, these verses are written to saved people.  John very plainly writes, “I have written these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God.”  He is referring to the things that he had written just previous to this about the witness of God concerning His Son.  He wrote about God’s witness of His Son to accomplish the things we are going to talk about today.  Basically, God says that Jesus is the Son of God, that eternal life comes through Jesus and only Jesus.  That knowledge gives you four assurances as a Christian person.  These are things that you can know for sure because God has revealed them.

  2. First, notice that he is talking to people who have believed in the name of the Son of God
  3. These are saved people
  4. Believers who have placed their trust in Jesus for salvation
  5. There was a time in their lives when they knew that they would have eternal life because they had entrusted their eternal life to Jesus Christ
  6. John by the leadership of the Holy Spirit is encouraging these people to continue in that knowledge
  7. It is subjunctive, which means that it may or might happen
  8. Like it says in the KJV here
  9. That you may know
  10. The word that is translated “know” means to experience and remember
  11. It is possible for that saved person to forget that they have eternal life
  12. John was writing so that they could remember and continue to know that they have eternal life
  13. Once you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, rose again and you have confessed Him as your Lord you are given eternal life by God
  14. You cannot lose that eternal life
  15. This is part of what God testified of last week in our message
  16. You have eternal life when you have the Son, Jesus Christ
  17. You need to remember and continue to know for the rest of your life that you have that eternal life
  18. Nothing can change that, it is in God’s power and not your own
  19. You cannot sin enough, to take that eternal life away
  20. You can know it and you can hang on to it when times get rough or when you get discouraged.
  21. Don’t ever let anybody take that assurance away from you
  22. If you have been saved, you are forever saved and you have eternal life
  23. Remember it, know it, and hang on to it.
  25. Remember, still writing to saved people
  26. People who have already believed and confessed Jesus as Lord
  27. Here John says what seems to be a little strange
  28. He tells these people that have believed in the Son of God that he is writing to them so that they may believe in the name of the Son of God
  29. This verb “believe” is also subjunctive they will believe or they may not believe
  30. The other thing about this verb though is that it is active
  31. Which means that they action is continuing
  32. So this could be translated, “that you may continue believing in the name of the Son of God”
  33. So the idea here is that they have believed and received eternal life but they may or may not continue to believe
  34. We talked about last week that it is possible for you to begin to doubt the reality of Jesus Christ even after you are saved
  35. Maybe a false teacher comes in and believes to teach you that Jesus was not who He said He was
  36. Maybe something happens in your life that causes you to doubt the love that God has for you
  37. John wrote about the witness of God that Jesus is the Christ and the Savior of the world
  38. So that you can continue to believe the truth about Jesus
  39. So that you can have assurance that your faith was placed in the right place
  40. You can continue to believe all through your life in the name of the Son of God
  41. You see, name in this sense is about reputation
  42. Here John would have you to continue to believe in the reputation of Jesus Christ
  43. Believe that he is the Son of God
  44. Believe that he came to earth without a human father
  45. Believe that he lived a sinless life so that He could be the perfect sacrifice for your sins
  46. Believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and that your sins were completely paid for there on that cross
  47. Believe that Jesus came back from the dead to stand as your defense attourney in heaven
  48. Believe that He is and should be your master and Lord
  49. Believe it with all of your heart all of the time and never let go of that belief because it is absolutely true.
  1. John writes, “this is the confidence that we have in Him”
  2. In other words if we continue to believe in the reputation of Jesus
  3. Then we can have this confidence
  4. We can know this for sure.
  5. “if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:”
  6. First there is the asking
  7. Of course we do this in prayer
  8. Secondly, it must be according to the will of God
  9. It should be something for which God would have us to pray
  10. This whole book is about coming alongside God in fellowship
  11. Moving in the same direction as God
  12. Your desires being the same as God’s desires
  13. And it is no different in your prayer life
  14. You should ask for God’s will to be done in every situation
  15. Yes, pray for what you want
  16. Yes, pray for what you need
  17. But in the end pray that God’s will is done
  18. God hears those kinds of prayers, you can be sure of it
  19. Prayers of people that are surrendered to His will, are going to be heard
  20. You can have assurance of that
  22. It is a comfort to know that God hears our prayers but look what John writes next
  23. “And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.”
  24. There are a few facts that we find here
  25. Now the will of God is involved, the eternity of God is involved, the sovereignty of God is involved
  26. We could go round and round about when God hears your prayers and when He decided to do something about those prayers
  27. The facts are these
  28. God does hear the prayers of someone that is praying according to His will
  29. God does give that person what they ask for when they pray that way
  30. We should never expect God to go against His will
  31. But as we pray in His will, He will deliver
  32. What about in your life?
  33. How are you praying to God?
  34. Do you have assurance that when you pray for the right things, God will answer those prayers?
  35. Do you pray, completely surrendered to the will of God?
  36. Is it ok with you that whatever God’s will is, it is the right thing?
  37. When you pray with that surrendered heart, you can expect results
  38. You say, well I have prayed for something that didn’t happen
  39. My kids ask me for things that I cannot give because it will hurt them many, many times
  40. But if they ask me for something that I can give, I will definitely deliver
  41. That is how God is with us
  42. He will deliver if He possibly can and still give us the abundant life that He wants us to have
  43. You can count on God to give you the best thing everytime

CONCLUSION:  There is no reason that a Christian person should go around wondering about life.  Christian, God has said that you have eternal life because you have believed in Jesus and confessed Him as Lord.  God has said that Jesus is His Son and you can know that everything Jesus did and said was real.  Because Jesus is real, God can and will hear your prayers and since He hears them, He will answer them.  Keep believing these things and live your life in full assurance of God, His Son Jesus Christ and what He has done and will do for you.