Posted by Peter Thompson

Walking in the Light of Purity

I John 3:1-6

INTRODUCTION:  The book of I John is about walking in the light with God.  You walk in the light with God so that you can have fellowship with God.  God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.  If you walk in the light as He is in the light then you can have fellowship with Him.  The question is not eternal life here (quick eternal life recap), the question is fellowship with God as you go about your life.  The light is purity and holiness of God.  The darkness is sin and worldliness.  So in order to stay in that light, John points out here that you must be pure.  And in this passage he points out ways in which you can remain pure.  The truth is that it is about where you put your focus.  So John shows four things to focus on in order to remain pure in your life so that you can have fellowship with God always.

In order to live a pure life, focus on:

  1. THE LOVE OF GOD (V. 1)
  2. John begins this chapter with the word “Behold”
  3. This word means to consider, to study, to pay attention to
  4. John has something here that he wants these Christian people to take a very close look at
  5. That thing is “what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us”
  6. When John says “us” he is referring to himself and fellow Christians
  7. Bestowed means granted or given
  8. What manner-means what kind
  9. So John wants these Christian people to look closely at and consider what kind of love the father has granted them
  10. John goes on to talk about what kind of love that was
  11. It was the kind of love that made Christian people children of God
  12. In order to see the love involved in that, we need to see how exactly it was accomplished
  13. How did God make Christian people His children?
  14. There was only one way to make us sinful people the children of God
  15. God had to send a perfect sacrifice to die to pay the price for our sins
  16. Because the children of God cannot be guilty of sin, God sent His own perfect Son to take the punishment for sins, so that sins could be wiped away
  17. Jesus Christ came and took your sins off of you and put them on himself
  18. So that when He paid the price for those sins on the cross, they would be washed away
  19. Then that same Jesus had to rise from death so that He could be the mediator or the go between you and God
  20. Then God’s Holy Spirit was sent to convict you of your need for Jesus Christ
  21. When you believed that Jesus died on the cross for your personal sins and believed that Jesus rose again and confessed Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, you were saved from your sins and the hell that comes with them
  22. Then God looks over all that you have ever done against Him and forgives so that He can come into a Father and child relationship with you
  23. The sacrifices that God made, so that you could become his child are unimaginable
  24. He let His only son suffer and die, so that He could bring you into the family
  25. That love that God showed you should inspire you to live for Him
  26. It should give you a great desire to please Him with everything that you do
  27. It should give you a desire to never commit those sins that cost Jesus His life again
  28. It should give you a desire to be good in everything, pure in everything, Holy in everything.

In order to live a pure life, focus on:

  2. John, addressing Christian people says, now are we the children of God
  3. Then goes on to say, that it has not appeared yet what we shall be
  4. In other word we cannot see the things that God has for us in the future
  5. But we know, John says, that when He shall appear we will be like Him
  6. The member of the Godhead that will appear is Jesus Christ
  7. And there is coming a day when He will come back to earth
  8. In that day when Christian people see Jesus face to face they will be just like Him
  9. In that day you will receive a new body to go with your pure spirit
  10. Those that are dead will be resurrected with this perfect body
  11. Those that are alive will be changed in a twinkling of an eye
  12. And that pure body and spirit will be perfect and sinless like Jesus Christ
  13. There will be no more selfish desires, there will be no more desiring things that do not please God
  14. You will be just like Jesus, sinless for all of eternity
  15. John says in v. 3 “And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.”
  16. In other words, John says that if you are looking forward to the day when you are sinless then you will purify yourself now
  17. You are looking forward to that great day and you can have some of it now, by living just like Jesus to the best of your ability with the help of God
  18. Just like Jesus is pure, you should desire to be pure
  19. You should want to have that future hope today
  20. Why would somebody who is destined to be pure and holy spend this life acting any other way.
  21. You should want to be as much like Jesus Christ as you can be
  22. You are His follower, your spirit has been washed clean
  23. You are pure, why not act like it?

In order to live a pure life, focus on:


  1. John says that if you commit sin you break the law
  2. The law that he is referring to is the law of God
  3. It was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai and it is much more detailed than just the ten commandments
  4. But the law expresses the heart of God on a variety of issues
  5. There is an idea going around these days that the Old Testament has nothing to do with Christians today
  6. I even, have heard of some Christians that do not read the Old Testament, only the new, because they believe the Old Testament has nothing to do with them
  7. Jesus said, I came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it
  8. You see the law of God is God’s standard
  9. It teaches us what sin is
  10. It shows us our sinfulness
  11. Yes, to drive us to Jesus, but also to guide us into the right path of purity
  12. God is holy, He wants His people to live holy lives
  13. John finishes that thought by saying that sin is the transgression of the law
  14. When you commit sin, you have broken the standard of God
  15. You have displeased God
  16. Yes, Jesus Christ paid for those sins so that you can have eternal life
  17. But eternal life is not what this is about, this is about you having fellowship with God throughout your life
  18. In order to do that you must walk in His light of purity and you can only do that as you keep your eyes on His holy standard
  19. If what you are about to do goes against the law of God, then don’t do it
  20. Always keep your focus on God’s standard and not the standard of the world
  21. JESUS CHRIST (VS. 5-6)
  22. John has talked about Jesus Christ a few times through this passage but now he gets to the heart of what Jesus was all about
  23. Why is it that Jesus came in the first place
  24. He says, “he was manifested sto take away our sins”
  25. The word manifested means to be shown
  26. So Jesus was shown to the world to take away our sins
  27. The whole reason He came and died and rose was to take away our sin
  28. And John says that Jesus has no sin
  29. Why are those things important?
  30. Because whoever abides in Him does not sin according to the next verse
  31. Remember that word abide
  32. It means to set up a foundation, to stay there, to move in there, to live there permanently
  33. When a Christian person lives permanently in Jesus Christ
  34. When Jesus is their whole life and pleasing Him is what they are all about
  35. Then they will not sin
  36. It is when a Christian person takes their eyes off of Christ and live how they want to live that sin enters in
  37. So as long as you are living in Jesus, you will not sin
  38. In John 15:7 “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”
  39. You abide in Jesus as Jesus’ words abide in you and then you can have communication with God in prayer
  40. And in John 15:10 “If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.”
  41. So from these two verses we find out that living in Jesus is all about living in His word and keeping His commandments
  42. You stay in Jesus by staying in His word and doing what his word says
  43. And if you do that, then you will not sin, when you are not doing that you will sin
  44. In fact, John makes the contrast at the end of this verse
  45. “whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.”
  46. In other words Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with sin
  47. This is the opposite of living in Jesus
  48. This is going completely out of the presence of Jesus Christ
  49. This is the farthest thing from living in Jesus that you can do
  50. When you sin, you alienate yourself from Jesus
  51. Here is Jesus over here, and here is you over here
  52. You might say, if I sin, Jesus still loves me
  53. Yes, Jesus loves you enough to give you eternal life by His own blood
  54. But if you think that you can sin and that Jesus is just ok with it and will continue to answer your prayers and fellowship with you on a daily basis you can forget it
  55. Sin, breaks your fellowship with God in this life, and Jesus has nothing to do with your sin
  56. When you sin, you are far from Jesus
  57. If you focus on Jesus, you will live pure according to His word

CONCLUSION:  Paul asks in Romans 6:1-2 “1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”  John comes to the same conclusion that Paul did.  Christian people should live pure and holy lives.  To do that you must keep your focus on the love that God showed to you in making you His child even though he detests your sin.  To live a pure life you must keep your focus on what you are going to be when Jesus comes again.  To live a pure life you must focus on and study the laws of God to find out what is acceptable to Him and what is not.  And more than anything, if you are going to live a pure life you must abide, stay, remain in Jesus Christ by Bible study and application of what you study in your life.  Live a pure life, do away with sin, walk with God in His light!