Posted by Peter Thompson

I John 2:18-29

Walking in the Light of Truth

INTRODUCTION:  The entire book of I John is about having fellowship with God.  In chapter one John says that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.  And if you walk in the light as God is in the light you can have fellowship with each other, with God and with Jesus Christ.  Walking in that light is about living a holy life that is pleasing to God.  It is about loving, like God loves.  It is about avoiding false teachers and growing in your faith.  This week we learn that it also has to do with living in the truth.  It does matter what you believe.  If you want to have fellowship with God you need to believe the truth.  How do you hold on to the real truth?

  2. John says here that we are living in the last time
  3. Hebrews 1:2 backs up that we are living in the last times ever since Jesus came to earth “Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son…”
  4. John says that these Christians have heard that the Antichrist must come in the last days
  5. Here John points out that there are antichrist’s all around even in his time
  6. There will be one central figure that is the Antichrist that is talked about in the book of Revelation
  7. But John is talking about people who are against Christ-opposed to Christ
  8. These people have become more and more since John’s time
  9. John says we know that we are living in the last time because these people that are opposed to Christ are fighting against the things of Christ
  10. He says that those people that are against Christ went out from us
  11. When John writes us, he is referring to believers who have the truth and are holding on to the truth
  12. He says that if they were of us, like us, believing like we do then they would not have left
  13. Why start your own denomination if you believe the same way as the denomination you are in
  14. So these people left the true believers because they did not believe like the true believers
  15. The word “manifest” here that John uses means to make known or to show
  16. The fact that they left, shows the true believers that they are not of the same belief system
  17. In our day and time this truth is more evident than ever
  18. When you look at the history of believers in Christ
  19. When you look at the true history of churches and what they believe
  20. Not the Catholic lie that is out there, but the true history
  21. You find a group of people all through history that have believed the truth
  22. Let’s just talk about salvation to make it simple
  23. There have always been, since the time of Christ, churches that believed that salvation was by grace through faith
  24. That you are saved when you place your faith in Jesus Christ believing that He died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the grave to go between you and God
  25. And in believing that you turn their lives to Christ and follow Him
  26. At that moment when you exercise the faith that God has given, His grace is poured out upon you and you are given eternal life, not because you were good but because Jesus died for you.
  27. Then some people left and began baptizing infants for salvation
  28. Then some people left and began baptizing adults for salvation
  29. Then some people left and began requiring the Lord’s supper for salvation
  30. Then some people left and began requiring church membership for salvation
  31. Then some people left and began teaching that you could lose eternal life by your sin
  32. Then some people left and began requiring confession of sins for salvation
  33. And on and on and on the list goes of people who have left the true faith to teach something different
  34. Do not follow the ones that left
  35. You know they are not the same as we are because they left
  36. You know they do not teach salvation like we do because they left
  37. You know that they are leading people to hell because they left
  38. Why would you follow them?
  39. Satan has blinded people to the history of it, because He doesn’t want them to know the truth
  40. The leavers do not have the truth
  41. And if you want to live in the truth, you must not follow the leavers
  42. Look at the history of a belief, look at the history of a kind of church-are they a leaver or have they held to the truth that Jesus taught?
  43. Do not follow the leavers
  45. John says that these believers have an unction from the Holy One
  46. The Holy One is Jesus Christ many times in scripture
  47. The word “unction” means anointing
  48. The anointing that was given to believers is the Holy Spirit of God
  49. John 16:13 begins, “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth:…”
  50. In v. 27 John elaborates more on this “anointing” or “unction”
  51. The word “anointing” in v. 27 is the exact same Greek word that is translated unction in v. 21
  52. Here in v. 27 he says that the anointing was given to the believers by the Son
  53. John 16:7 Jesus tells the disciples that He will send the Holy Spirit to them
  54. Here in v. 27 John says that the anointing will teach them and guide them into the truth
  55. Every believer has this ability to study and know the truth, because we each have that Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us
  56. You don’t have to have a teacher, it is nice, and God has sent you teachers to help, but the truth is that you will only know that something is true if the Holy Spirit confirms it
  57. Because the Holy Spirit was given to guide believers into the truth John says in v. 21 that he is not writing to these people because they don’t know the truth
  58. They do know the truth-the Holy Spirit is leading them to the truth
  59. John also says that they know that no lie is of the truth
  60. In other words, because they know the truth that comes from the Holy Spirit they will be able to tell what is a lie
  61. So you are presented with a teaching
  62. You begin to study that teaching in the Bible
  63. The Holy Spirit will guide you to the truth
  64. And you will be able to decipher the truth from a lie
  65. And then you hang on to the truth and reject the lie
  66. Or you could choose to ignore the Spirit and believe the lie
  67. Follow the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit so that you stay in the truth
  1. John makes it real easy to identify the liars about salvation
  2. He says the person who denies that Jesus is the Christ
  3. That is, Jesus is the anointed one of God that came to earth to save people from their sin
  4. You see, Jesus as the Christ encompasses everything that Jesus is
  5. He is eternal life, He is the Son of God, He is God himself, He is the only way to go to have eternal life
  6. If you deny any of these things about Jesus you deny Jesus
  7. And if you deny Jesus, then you deny the Father too
  8. Anybody that teaches that Jesus was different than he really was denies Him
  9. If they teach that Jesus was not really God, then they have denied Jesus
  10. If they teach that Jesus was not really sent from heaven, then they have denied Jesus
  11. If they teach that there are some other requirements for salvation other than Jesus then they have denied Jesus
  12. Jesus, and who Jesus really is, is the only way to the Father
  13. Anybody who rejects Jesus and who Jesus really is, denies the Father too
  14. But anybody who accept Jesus and who Jesus really is also accepts the Father
  15. If you want to remain in the truth then you need to know who Jesus really was
  16. He was not just a teacher that taught good things
  17. He was not just a good man that spoke about morality
  18. This Jesus was God the Son himself, He was sent by God the Father to save the world
  19. He was born of a virgin who had never been with a man
  20. He conducted works that could only be done by the power of God
  21. He lived a sinless life that made Him the perfect sacrifice for sin
  22. He died on the cross to pay for the sins of the entire world
  23. He rose again from the grave on the third day
  24. Whoever believes in this Jesus and confesses Him as Lord can have eternal life
  25. Anyone that denies this Jesus will lead you astray, and you should not follow them, but hang on to the truth
  27. John uses that word abide again here, as he has throughout this passage
  28. The word abide means to live in, stay there, don’t move away from
  29. Here he says to let the truth which they have heard from the beginning abide in them
  30. There is another passage of scripture in Eph. 4:14 that touches on this “That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive”
  31. In these two passages you have opposites, one is a person who was convicted of the truth by the Holy Spirit of God, believes it and stays in it
  32. This person is growing and becoming what God would have them to be
  33. This person is walking with God and Jesus Christ in the light and is having fellowship with God in the truth
  34. The other person is one that every time another teaching comes down the pipe they believe it and move from teaching to teaching like a wind blowing them from one to the other
  35. John tells these believers that if they will live in what they were convinced of in the first place, they will live in Jesus Christ and God the father
  36. Again he reassures about eternal life-the question is not eternal life (that is a given) here, but fellowship with the Father and with Jesus Christ (refer back to chapter 1:3 the whole book is about this fellowship)
  37. So to live in Jesus Christ and the Father-to have that fellowship with them-you must remain in the teaching that God taught you from the beginning and not be blown around by every wind of doctrine
  38. Stay in the truth about what Jesus did for you in salvation
  39. Stay in every truth that God’s Holy Spirit has made known to you
  40. There is nothing new in Christianity-deeper yes, new no
  41. Stay in what you have been taught

CONCLUSION:  (Read vs. 28-29 again) John uses this word abide throughout this book.  We talked about how it meant to set up housekeeping, to put down roots and stay somewhere permanently.  Here we are talking about living in Jesus Christ.  Staying in Jesus Christ and never getting away from Him.  Jesus used this language in John 15 where he admonishes the saved disciples to abide in Him by abiding in His word and keeping His commandments.  The lesson is the same here.  If you stay in the truth and live your life by the truth you can live your life in Jesus Christ, permanently with Him, permanently fellowshipping with God, permanently walking in the light.  Stay in the truth and have fellowship with God and Jesus Christ.