Posted by Peter Thompson

Ezra 4:1-24

(Read vs. 1-5 for context)

Opposition from the Enemy

INTRODUCTION:  Last week we learned that everybody was out to get the Israelites that came back to build the temple.  The scripture in chapter three did not really line out why they were scared, but here in this chapter we find out about their adversaries.  That is, the people that opposed them, the ones that wanted them to fail in their task of building the temple.  These people were being used by Satan to put a stop to the work of God.  You can learn a lot about the methods of Satan in this chapter.  As you go about the work that God has called you to do there will be opposition.  Satan wants nothing more than to stop the work of God.  He was actually successful here for a time.  It is important that you know your enemy and how he will come at you.  We are going to look at three tactics that Satan will use to stop you from doing God’s work.

  1. COMPROMISE (VS. 1-3)
  2. FRUSTRATION (VS. 4-5)
  3. LIES (VS. 6-24)

CONCLUSION:  Satan is opposed to God and everything that God is doing.  If God is working through you, you can expect Satan to attack.  He will try to get you to compromise, he will frustrate your plans, he will tell outright lies to you and all the people involved to try to stop God’s work.  Jesus told the disciples in Matthew chapter twenty-seven to watch and pray because the hour of temptation was coming.  Always be alert and watchful for the attacks of Satan and don’t let him fool you with his compromising and lies.  Don’t let the frustration that you might experience serving God stop you.  And more than anything pray that God will protect you from these kind of attacks so that His work can be finished.