Posted by Peter Thompson

I John 2:1-11

Walking in the Light of Love

INTRODUCTION:  John spent the entire first chapter talking about how you can have fellowship with God.  You will remember that he encouraged you to walk in the light as God is in the light and then you can walk beside God.  Walking in the light is walking pure and holy as God is pure and holy.  Walking in the light is not walking in sin.  So John begins this next chapter in the same idea.  In v. 1 he says that he is writing these things so that you will not sin.  In other words so that you can live a holy and pure life in the light.  John wants to make abundantly clear that if you do sin you have an advocate with the Father and that is Jesus Christ.  An advocate is a defense attorney.  When you come before the judge Jesus defends you based on His death on the cross.  John does not want Christians to sin, because if they will stay away from sin they can walk in step with God, but He also wants you as a Christian to understand that Jesus has taken care of your sin, so that you will not go to hell. He says in v. 2 that Jesus is the propitiation for our sins.  The word means, substitute payment that is acceptable.  In other words, the penalty for sin is death, you owed that , but Jesus died as your substitute and God the father accepted the payment.  And He offers that payment to the whole world.  John wants you to know that this scripture here is not about your salvation.  Your salvation is in Christ.  When you sin, He has got you covered.  But you don’t want to sin, because when you live a holy and pure life in the light, you can walk in full fellowship with God.  So how do you walk in that light.

  2. The word “know” here is the word “ginosko” in the Greek
  3. It means to understand something fully
  4. To be familiar with something
  5. In this case Jesus Christ
  6. John says that we know that we are understand Jesus Christ fully
  7. We know that we are familiar with Jesus Christ and who He is
  8. “If we keep his commandments”
  9. We all understand what a commandment is, it is when someone tells someone else what to do
  10. In this case Jesus is the one giving the orders
  11. And John says if we really understand Jesus we will keep his orders
  12. Now that is indeed doing what he says, but it goes further than that
  13. The word “keep” has the idea of guarding, watching over, making sure that it stays in the form that it was originally given
  14. So a person who is familiar with Jesus will guard his commands, and make sure that his commands stay in the form that he gave them
  15. And then certainly do the things that he commanded to do
  16. Then John goes on to say in v. 4 that if a person says they are familiar with Jesus and understands Jesus and they don’t keep his commands, they are a liar and not telling the truth
  17. A person says man I know all about Jesus
  18. Jesus and I are close
  19. I understand Jesus
  20. But then won’t even do the things that Jesus wants
  21. Those are just words, and Jesus is about action
  22. If you really know Jesus, then you get busy doing the things He wants you to do.
  23. Then John says in v. 5 if you keep the word of Jesus, then the love of God is perfected in you
  24. The word “perfected” has the idea of complete
  25. The love of God will be complete in you when you keep the commandments of Jesus
  26. Now how does that work?
  27. Let’s take a look at how Jesus answered a question about His commandments in Matt. 22:38-40 “This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”
  28. So really to keep the commands of Jesus you love God with everything you have, and you love others like you love yourself
  29. Jesus said all the others hang on these two
  30. So when you follow those commands, then God’s love is complete in you
  31. John goes on to say that we know we are in Jesus, by this love
  32. Disciples of Jesus love like Jesus loved
  33. Jesus said in John 13:35 “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”
  34. You see love, is how we know and how everybody else knows that we a follower of Jesus
  35. So in order for you to walk in the light you must keep the commandments of Jesus
  36. And His commandments are all about loving God and loving people
  37. Sacrificing yourself for God and others
  38. The Christian life is not about you, it is about God and others
  39. When you keep the commandments of Jesus, you are walking in the light of God
  41. John uses another word to talk about the relationship that a person should have with Jesus
  42. “abide” means to live in
  43. It carries the idea of setting up a permanent place of residence
  44. Moving your stuff in and staying for a very long time
  45. If a person claims to have that kind of relationship with Jesus then they should walk like He walks
  46. Walking is the way that a person lives life
  47. If they claim to live with Jesus then they should live the same kind of life that Jesus lives
  48. What did that life look like?
  49. Jesus spent his life doing the will of God the father
  50. He spent his life in constant communication with God the father
  51. Jesus helped people with His entire life
  52. He woke up every day to heal and teach
  53. He taught people how to have eternal life through a relationship with Him
  54. He healed the sick, the blind, the lame
  55. He patted little children on the head and showed them the love of God
  56. Jesus never had any selfish moments in His life
  57. Everything that He did was for somebody else
  58. He loved unconditionally, not just the people that He liked, but everybody
  59. He finished His life by giving it up for the whole world
  60. Are you walking the way Jesus walked?
  61. Is God’s will your priority or is your own will your priority?
  62. Do you communicate with God on a regular basis?-is that a big part of your life?
  63. Do you help people every time there is a chance?
  64. Do you teach people the way to eternal life?
  65. Do you give up your happiness for the happiness of the people around you?
  66. Do you help the sick, the blind the lame, the people that don’t have anybody to love them?
  67. Do you live selfless like Jesus did?
  68. Do you love unconditionally like Jesus did?
  69. Would you give your life, for everybody else like Jesus did?
  70. That is walking in the light
  71. LOVE YOUR BROTHER (VS. 7-11)
  1. Don’t be confused by what John is writing here
  2. It goes like this
  3. I am not writing anything new to you, the commandment is now and has always been love one another
  4. You see, John is writing a new letter here about love
  5. But that is not new
  6. That goes all the way back to the beginning of the Old Testament
  7. God is love, and now love is in the Christian because God lives within us
  8. John says it like this, “the darkness is past and the true light shines”
  9. You are no longer in the dark, you know God now and you know what He wants
  10. John says that if a person says they are walking in the light with God and hates their brother, they are not telling the truth
  11. The word hate means to detest here
  12. You cannot go around detesting your brother and claim to be walking in the light
  13. God is love, and if you are hate then you cannot be together
  14. You are walking in the darkness, not God’s light
  15. In v. 10 though if you love your brother then you are walking in the light and you will not stumble
  16. You can see what God wants from you
  17. And you are doing what God wants and you will not fall
  18. If you are loving your brother
  19. The word for love all through this passage is agape
  20. A commitment, self sacrificing kind of love
  21. The kind of love that Jesus showed when He died on the cross for your sins
  22. It is a love that does not care about self but cares about the other person
  23. Your brother is your fellow Christian
  24. If you are going to walk in the light
  25. You must show an action, commitment, sacrificing love for your fellow Christians
  26. That is what God wants, that is where God’s light is
  27. You cannot see in the dark
  28. And hate for your brother is darkness
  29. Let it go and walk in the light of God

CONCLUSION:  So really it all boils down to love.  Walking in the light is all about walking in love.  Jesus commanded that you love God and that you love everybody else with an action commitment love and if you keep those commandments you walk in the light.  Jesus walked in love, helping others, healing other, and showing them the way to eternal life because He loved them.  If you walk in love like He did you walk in the light.  Jesus commanded that we love our brother and the command has not really changed.  It should be nothing new to you to love your brothers and sisters in Christ.  When you keep on doing that you will walk in the light.  Love, love and love and walk in the light with God.