Posted by Peter Thompson

Revelation 11:15-19

Jesus WILL Reign over You
INTRODUCTION: In the book of Revelation we see many events that are happening at the same time described separately. But the seals and the trumpets and vials keep us straight as to what is transpiring in what period. Here the 7th trumpet sounds. And an overview is given of the rest of the book of Revelation. The long and the short of it all is this. Christ is going to judge those that rejected Him and reign on the earth. This is not a maybe, this is an absolute. I don’t know where you are with Jesus right now. You may not know Him as your savior. You may know Him but are not allowing Him to run your life. There are three for sure FACTS about the time when Jesus will rule and reign, FACTS that will not change, that should impact your life right now.
A. The 7th trumpet sounds, the angel that was standing on the earth and the sea said that when that happened there would be no more time
1. The time for repentance is over
2. Jesus is going to set up his kingdom on earth
3. Now a lot is going to happen in the process of that and we kind of have a table of contents here of the rest of the book
4. It is all going to happen very quickly-so much so that there are voices in heaven that are calling it a done deal here.
5. The earth’s kingdoms have become the kingdoms of Christ-in other words, Christ is running the whole show now
6. He will rule forever and ever after this
B. The twenty-four elders fall in worship again
1. This time they fall on their faces and worship God
2. They thank the Lord God Almighty
3. They talk about His eternal nature, He was and is and is to come
4. And the reason for their thanks is that Christ has taken to himself His great power
5. And because He is going to reign
6. You see how the power already belongs to Him, the kingdom already belongs to Him
7. He has waited until this point to take it unto Himself
C. To this point He has allowed people to do what they wanted to do
1. To this point, there has been ungodly kings
2. There have been people that did not recognize Jesus as king
3. But no more, now Jesus is going to take His rightful place on the throne
4. And the scripture says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord
5. Everybody will be on their face, like the twenty-four elders before King Jesus
D. Maybe you have not given Jesus His proper place in your life
1. Maybe you are doing things your way
2. Maybe you are not paying any attention to what Jesus wants
3. And you certainly are not going out of your way to obey Him
4. Jesus calls upon you to believe in Him for salvation
5. And then after that to live your life as if He is your master and king
6. Jesus is the rightful king, and your days of ruling over your own life are numbered
7. Jesus will rule you, and you might as well begin bowing down to your rightful king now.
A. So, what happens to the people that do not bow down to Jesus
1. V. 18 says that the wrath of Jesus is come
2. Wrath means righteous anger that is set in stone
3. It is rightful punishment that will not change
4. The dead will be judged
5. And those that are destroying the earth with sin will be destroyed
6. We find in other places that the destruction is ultimately hell for all eternity
B. And look how the world that is opposed to Jesus feels about it
1. They are angry
2. This word in the Greek that is translated angry means to be full of anger, or furious
3. This is an explosion of anger that cannot be controlled
4. The world is going to throw a fit when Jesus takes over
5. When the wrath of the Jesus comes, they are going to throw a temper tantrum
6. Because they don’t get their own way anymore
Illustration: I have three toddlers and sometimes they throw fits, sometimes they throw temper tantrums. Those fits and temper tantrums happen when they don’t get their way. They want a toy and I say no and they throw a tantrum. It doesn’t change anything, they still don’t get the toy, but they throw an uncontrollable fit, hitting things and kicking their feet on the ground.
7. Jesus is taking all the toys away
8. Now people are going to do what Jesus says and He is going to be the boss
9. His wrath is poured out on people that did not submit to Him
10. And they are throwing a fit about it, they are throwing a temper tantrum
11. It doesn’t change anything, it is Jesus’ way now
12. They don’t get their way of sin and rejection of God anymore
C. How about you? Are you getting your way in life or is Jesus in control?
1. There is coming a day, when Jesus takes control of all lives
2. When you won’t get your sinful way anymore
3. You might as well start not, doing things His way and not your own
4. The scriptures admonish you to deny yourself and follow Jesus
5. Say no to what you want and yes to what Jesus wants.
A. Now that judgment is coming for those that don’t follow God through Jesus
1. But also included in v. 18 is what happens for those that do follow God through Jesus in life
2. He names some groups of people that will receive reward for the way that they lived life
3. The prophets, those are the preachers
4. The saints, that is anybody who has been made holy by believing that Jesus died on the cross for their sins and rose again and confessed Him as Lord
5. Those that fear His name both small and great-doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor
6. Doesn’t matter if they are powerful or a nobody
7. Those that serve God in this life will receive reward-of course that begins with salvation and goes on through life as a person gathers reward through service
B. Will you allow Jesus to reign in your life today?
1. If you don’t know Jesus, then you need to believe in Him and confess Him as Lord
2. If you already know Him then you need to turn your life over to Him
3. You need to read your Bible and do what Jesus says to do in it
4. You need to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit
5. You need to make Jesus your ultimate authority
6. You don’t act without His permission
7. And when He commands, you obey
8. If you live your life that way, you will receive a full reward
CONCLUSION: The final verse of this chapter really lets us know where we stand. God has been in heaven where we cannot see Him. Jesus, God in the flesh, came and lived on the earth for three years and gave people access to God by His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave. But in this time that we are talking about, everyone will see God. His temple, or His dwelling place will be opened. When it is opened the great power of God will be on display. He won’t be holding back anymore. The time of long suffering is over. You see here in v. 19 lightnings, thunders, God’s great and mighty voice an earthquake like has never been seen before and great hail. God’s full power is on display. For some that is going to be a great day of victory. For some that is the most terrifying thing that can ever happen. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as Your savior, I beg you to turn from your life of sin and turn to Jesus Christ as your Lord. Believe that He died on the cross for your sins and rose again from the grave. Beg Him to save you right now. So that you can avoid the wrath and fury of the God who created you. Christians, live like Jesus is your master. Live for Him and not yourself. Earn your reward.