Posted by Peter Thompson

Revelation 8:7-13

God’s Warning to Mankind

INTRODUCTION: During this time of trumpet judgments, there is still time for people to be saved. The end of the next chapter lets us know that many will still not turn to God, but there is still the opportunity it appears. The first four trumpets affect the universe in a way that many people will die. But here these judgments are indirect. The last three trumpets that we will discuss next week affect people directly. It is like God firing some warning shots on the earth here. Yes, people will die, but before He sends the last three judgments, He even sends an angel to warn about the judgments that are to come. There is no reason to warn, if people can do nothing about it. So they are warned by God with these trumpets. They are reminded of God’s power over the things that keep them alive. I want you to see God’s power over these things. If you are lost, I hope that it scares you to death. If you are saved, I hope that it spurs you to go out in the world and warn them of God’s power to judge.
A. The fist angel sounds a trumpet
1. There hail and fire mixed with blood
2. Have you ever been caught in a hail storm in your car or even walking?
3. It is noisy, if it hits you it hurts, these hailstones here are mixed with fire
4. This is like what happened in Egypt when Moses was freeing the Israelites
5. Only here we have blood mixed in as well
6. Joel talks about fire and blood falling on the earth at the end
7. As weird as this seems, it would accomplish its intended purpose
B. Because of the hail, fire and blood stones that fall to the earth, look what happens
1. 1/3 of the trees are burnt up
2. All the green grass is burnt up
3. So, what we have here is first of tall the affect that it would have on the balance of nature
4. Plants put out oxygen that mammals need, and that supply is cut down by more than a third
5. Then you have the affect on the food supply.
6. The word that is used here in the Greek usually refers to a fruit tree
7. The idea is that a third of the fruit production would be cut off
8. There is not more grazing land for cattle, all the grass is burned up, so meat and dairy supplies are also cut off
9. This is devastating for the world economy and for the well-being of earth’s people
C. But in this plague God shows his power over the land
1. God has power to give oxygen and food through the earth
2. As we see here, God also has the power to take those things away.
D. For the world to reject a God that has this kind of power to give and take away is ludicrous
1. He is providing for you now, whether you are lost or saved
2. But He does not have to do that forever
3. The fact that God can take trees and grass when He gets ready to should make you want to bow down before Him and ask His forgiveness for anything that you have done against Him
4. Christian, warn the people, there is coming a day when life on the land will not go on as usual
5. God will stop providing for those that reject Him-Just like He had the power to make it, He has the power to destroy it
6. Tell people that they should give their lives over to God for their own safety and well-being.
A. Then the second angel sounds a trumpet
1. In the previous plague, language is used that tells exactly what something is
2. It was, John said, hail and fire, mingled with blood
3. Here it is LIKE a great mountain burning with fire
4. That leaves room for asteroid, some people think commit, all of those things are a possibility
5. But whatever it is, it is big and it is on fire
6. And it is cast into the sea
B. Look at the results of this
1. 1/3 of the oceans of the earth are turned to blood
2. And no wonder there was blood as a third of all life in the sea is killed
3. And 1/3 of the ships that are in the sea are destroyed
4. So ship going goods are cut by 1/3, devastating to the economy and the consumption of goods
5. Sea food is cut by a third, the affect that it would have on the other sea animals that are left alive is devastating as well, what are they going to eat?
6. Shortage in their food makes a shortage in our food
7. And then a third of the sea waters are unusable for anything as they are blood
C. The hits just keep on coming from a God who not only has power over the earth but over the sea as well
1. His power is bringing the world that has rejected Him to a stand still
2. The suffering and hurt that come from these two events is immeasurable
3. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior this morning, your life will not go on as usual
4. Judgment will come, not only in these earthly events but in a eternity burning hell
5. You need God to save you through His Son Jesus Christ
6. Those of you that know Christ, warn people, tell them that judgment is coming but they can be spared by receiving Jesus as their Savior today
7. In Noah’s day it said that people were eating and drinking and marrying until the judgment came
8. Life as usual, until God gets fed up, I’m afraid a lot of people are in the same boat today
9. Warn them, judgment is coming, run to Jesus to be saved!
A. Then the third angel sounds a trumpet
1. A great star from heaven, burning like a lamp falls on the earth
2. It says here that it fell upon a third of the rivers, and on the fountains of water
3. That is water that comes up from the ground, sometimes found in lakes, found in wells
4. The idea here is that 1/3 of the fresh water is impacted this time
5. The star is called wormwood
6. Which is a bitter plant, it makes 1/3 of the fresh water supply bitter, in fact it poisons them
7. So that many people will die because of the waters
8. No doubt it impacted the animals supply of water too, affecting food supply even more
B. I want you to think about what almighty God has done to the earth at this point
1. The land has been hit
2. The sea has been hit
3. The fresh water has been hit
4. With a third of the land
5. A third of the sea
6. And a third of the fresh water made useless
7. The world is no doubt becoming a very dismal place to live
8. A scary place filled with crime, while people fight for what food and water is left
9. People starving, people dying of thirst, dying when they do get a drink
10. This is terrible judgment
C. If you do not know Christ that judgment is coming
1. You need to believe and change your mind today
2. Because this is just three judgments on the earth and more is to come
3. Jesus is your only hope
4. Christians warn people, the judgment we see here is nothing compared to what they will suffer
5. They need Jesus! Warn them!
A. It’s not over as the fourth angel sounds a trumpet
1. When this trumpet sounds, the sun and the moon are affected
2. The way the language is set up here it appears that the power of the sun and the moon and the stars is cut by 1/3
3. In addition to that the sun does not shine for a third of the day
4. And the moon does not shine for a third of the night
5. This seems to be a temporary situation, because later there will be an intensification of the suns power to scorch the earth
6. But can you imagine the climate changes when the sun shines a third less and does not shine for a third of the day
7. The moon as well at night
8. I think most of us do not understand the affect this would have on the whole earth
B. This is judgment, because the world is not listening
1. These are considered the small judgments
2. There is more and greater judgment to come
3. It appears that God is warning the earth one last time
4. If you are lost, you need to accept God through Jesus
5. If you are saved you need to tell the people you know that judgment is coming
6. You need to tell them that believing in Jesus and following Him is the only way to escape judgment.
CONCLUSION: These are all things that we take for granted every day of our life. You expect these things in the morning when you wake up. But understand the fruit you eat, the oxygen that you are breathing comes from God and can be removed by God. Understand that the sea where goods are carried to you by ship and food that you get from the fish and the ships that you vacation on, it all comes from God and can be removed by God. The water you drink and bathe in everyday, God gave you those things and can take those things away. The sun that makes you warm and the moon that lights your way at night. The stars and everything else that holds this universe together were put in place by God and are held in place by God and at any time He can remove them. And here is the truth. There is coming a day when He will do just that and more, because the dwellers of the earth have refused to believe in and follow God. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior today, you should be very afraid. Afraid enough to fall at the feet of Jesus and beg His mercy today. Afraid enough to make Him the Lord of your life today. Afraid enough to ask Him to forgive your sins by His blood on the cross. Afraid enough to be saved by Jesus Christ from the judgment to come. Christians, God has given you the task of warning the world of the judgment to come. Tell your friends, tell your families, tell everybody that you can that the judgment is coming and that there is a way out in Jesus Christ.