Posted by Peter Thompson

Revelation 7:1-17
As You See the Judgment Coming
INTRODUCTION: We see here four judgment angels on the four corners of the earth. They are ready to hurt the earth. They are holding back the wind. The destruction that would happen on the earth if there were no wind would be devastating. The clouds would not move, so rain over land would stop. No crops anywhere, no water for people that don’t live close to a body of water. Heat would not spread from the equator, so it would be super hot there and super cold everywhere else. The plants would not be able to spread their seeds. Destruction of the earth is what is held back here by God’s angel that stops the four angels. The judgment of God on all the earth is held off. We see in this passage, what God’s people should do as we see the judgment of God about to be unleashed on the earth.
A. As these four angels are about to destroy the earth-the one angel of God stops them
1. The purpose of stopping them was to seal the people of God
2. The ones that are sealed here are going to be protected from the terrible things that are to come
3. Here in this passage there are 144,000 Jews that are the chosen witnesses of God during this time period
4. They are going to be protected by God and they are going to share God’s word with the lost world
5. They are called the servants of God
6. God knew who these servants were calling them by their tribes
7. He sealed them and protected them during this terrible time of judgment
8. So that they could effectively share his word with people
B. Did you know that during our time, if you know Jesus Christ as your Savior you are the servants of God
1. You have the same job that the 144,000 will have in the end
2. That job is to share the message of Jesus with the lost world
3. And just like the 144,000 God knows all about you
4. God is planning to protect you so that you can be a witness for Him
5. God knows every servant of His
6. And you should take comfort in that
7. Yes, the judgment of God on the world now and in the future is a scary thing
8. But knowing that God knows about you and is protecting you should bring you great comfort because He is the most powerful being in the universe by far
9. If God does not want anything bad to happen to you, then nothing bad will happen to you
10. He knows you and is protecting you because you are His servant
A. The scene switches to heaven where a multitude has just arrived in front of the throne and in front of the lamb
1. They are robed in white-all through this book you find God’s people after death robed in white
2. They are holding palm branches in their hands-this shows victory and celebration
3. They shout with a loud voice, salvation to our God on the throne and to the Lamb
4. They are giving credit to the God the Father and the Lamb for their being saved from the enemy
5. Then the angels and the elders join in saying, “Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.”
6. Amen means let it be so, or that is so, they too give credit to the God the Father and to the Lamb for saving these people
7. And because He saved them they attribute to Him blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might forever
8. They are all worshipping God for the victory that He has given them in saving them from judgment
B. Did you know you have the same victory that they do?
1. God saved you
2. He saved you by sending the Lamb to die on the cross for your sins
3. He saved you from sin and the judgment in hell that sin brings
4. He deserves all the credit, you did nothing
5. He was perfect, He died for you, He rose again, He gave you the faith to believe and He saved you
6. You did nothing and He deserves your worship and praise for it!
A. One of the elders steps up to John and asks John who these people in the white robes are and where they came from
1. That is the question I had the first time that I read this too
2. John does not know the answer and tell the elder that he would like to know
3. The elder says they came out of the tribulation
4. They have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb
5. In other words, these people were saved during the tribulation
6. And it is no coincidence here that that are mentioned in the same place with the 144,000 witness of God that were sealed
7. Those witnesses shared the blood of the Lamb with these people and they were saved and then died in the tribulation
8. Now they are before the throne of God worshipping Him
B. As we see the judgment of God approaching, our reaction should be to see as many people saved as we can
1. We should be witnesses about the blood of the Lamb
2. Let me tell you about that blood
3. (Salvation message-starting with sin-finishing with forgiveness because Jesus paid the price)
4. You need to tell people that
5. They need to hear it, so that when they die, they will stand before the throne of God and not in hell
6. Be a witness of His salvation plan
A. So these people have been through the tribulation
1. They have died of either persecution-somebody killed them for the faith
2. Or they were killed by the natural disasters of that period
3. We see some of the troubles they faced in v. 16
4. They must have been hungry and thirsty
5. They seemed to have suffered from great heat
6. But look what is said about them here
7. That is all over, they are before the throne of God
8. They are living with God
9. They don’t have to hunger anymore
10. They don’t have to thirst anymore
11. They will find rest at the fountain of living water and not have to worry about heat ever again
12. Every tear will be wiped from their eyes-they have nothing to cry about anymore
13. All the problems they have on the earth are no more and they have complete rest
B. There is coming a day, when you are dead or when Jesus comes to get you when you will have that same rest
1. Life now is hard isn’t it
2. You have sickness, sadness, pain, hurt
3. Work for a living is hard, work for God is hard
4. There is nothing easy about this life
5. But just like these servants of God, you too will have rest
6. Look forward to that rest
7. Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”
Illustration: I have heard people talk about when they run long distance that the running gets easier the closer they get to the finish line. The anticipation of being done helps them to keep going and to even pick up their pace.
8. Look to the finish line of life, think about the complete rest that you will have when you are with Jesus forever
9. Allow that to spur you on to do great things in this life, don’t give up, don’t quit, keep serving God day after day
10. Looking to that day when you will have no more suffering.
CONCLUSION: The book of Revelation and the judgment of God on the earth of wicked people that reject Him is not intended to make Christians scared. It is intended to reassure Christians and spur you to the work that God would have you to be doing in light of that judgment. As you view the judgment take comfort in God’s knowledge of you. Worship Him for the salvation that He has given you. Be a witness of His salvation plan to all people on the earth. Endure, keep going, knowing that complete and total rest is coming.