Posted by Peter Thompson

Revelation 5:1-14

The Lamb Worthy of Worship

INTRODUCTION:  The focus moves to the right hand of the one that was sitting on the throne.  In that hand he held a book, would have been a scroll.  It was written on the front and back symbolizing that nothing can be added to the scroll.  It was sealed with seven seals and no matter how hard they looked they could not find anybody in heaven, on the earth or anywhere that could open it.  As we see this book opened we find out that this book is God’s plan for the end of the world and final redemption of the whole earth.  It ends with a perfect new heaven and new earth where Jesus reigns.  If it is not for the things in this book, there is no resurrection of the dead to eternal life.  There is no judgment of Satan and his followers.  There is no final redemption of the world to perfection.  Everything we are hoping for and praying for as Christians hinges on the things that are in this book.    We will finally be redeemed to eternal life both body and spirit because of this book.  John thinking about that began to cry because there was no one to open it.  But then a figure enters the throne room that changes all of that.  The lamb slain that represents Jesus, God the Son who died for the sins of the world comes in.  By the end of the chapter all of creation is worshiping Him.  You should worship Him too.  We are going to take a look at four reasons why you should worship the lamb that was slain.

  2. Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  3. Genesis 49:10 declared that the tribe of Judah would be the kingly tribe until the Messiah came to take the throne forever, then the people would obey Him
  4. He is the king of kings
  5. The lamb slain is the ruler of all rulers, the chosen Messiah of God
  6. Root of David
  7. Isaiah declares that the root of Jesse (David’s father) would come to be an ensign for the people
  8. The word ensign has the idea of a battle flag that all the troops rally to
  9. All of His people will be gathered to Him to go into battle
  10. He is the one that will lead the people against the enemies of God
  11. He came out of David’s line, which was prophesied, but the idea here and in the Isaiah passage is that He is the root of David, he came before David, David grew out of Him
  12. Remember when Jesus asked the Pharisees how the Messiah could be the son of David when David called Him Lord
  13. The answer is here, He was the descendent of David and at the same time created David
  14. The King that will rule forever on the throne of David
  15. He has seven horns
  16. Horns represent power in the Bible
  17. The number 7 is the complete number
  18. The lamb-Jesus Christ, has complete and total power
  19. He has 7 eyes that represent the Spirits of God
  20. Just like last week we see the one Holy Spirit of God in seven different works
  21. That Spirit too represents the power of God to see all and know all
  22. The Lamb steps up to the throne and takes the book from God the Father and is ready to open it up because He has the authority to do so
  23. Nobody else has that authority
  24. Only the Messiah, the heir, the king could have authority to open that book
  25. To unleash the God’s plan to redeem the whole world
  26. You should worship Jesus, the Lamb, because He is God’s chosen King that has all the power who alone has all authority.
  27. So your life should worship Him
  28. You should do everything that you do for Him
  29. You should bow to His authority
  30. And lift up His name forever and ever-because He is the all powerful king!
  32. First of all you find this Lamb that was slain in heaven
  33. The perfect Lamb that did everything that God the Father had sent Him to do
  34. Now He is directing the show in heaven-Jesus is no longer in a manger, on the cross, He certainly is not in a tomb, He is in His rightful place in heaven
  35. That perfect Lamb belongs in the throne room of God because He is God
  36. He should be worshipped as God
  37. But look at the place that He occupies in this scene
  38. He is in the middle of everything-the middle of the throne
  39. In the middle with the elders surrounding Him
  40. In the middle with the beasts surrounding Him
  41. The Lamb is the focal point of the whole scene-all eyes are on Him
  42. Because He is the only thing that matters-without Him no one is saved, no one is redeemed
  43. Worship of this Lamb is not just singing songs about Him
  44. Worshipping Jesus is realizing that He should be in the middle
  45. He is in the middle of heaven and everything in heaven is about Him
  46. He should be in the middle of your life and everything in your life should be about Him
  47. When you live your life for Him, when you make everything about Him, then and only then are you worshipping Him
  48. You should worship the Lamb in heaven who rightfully stands in the middle of everything including your life
  49. It is all about Jesus, so you should worship Him
  1. We find the creatures that represent creation and the twenty four elders that represent God’s people falling down before the Lamb to worship Him
  2. They have harps-for playing along with the singing they are about to do
  3. They have bowls full of incense that represent the prayers of God’s people
  4. And they begin to sing a brand new song (Awe man we are going to have to learn a new song)
  5. They sing to the Lamb, you are worthy to open the book-worthy to redeem creation back to God
  6. Why is He worthy to do that?
  7. The song goes on, because you were slain or killed
  8. You have redeemed us to God by your blood
  9. And you have done it for every kindred, tongue, people and nation
  10. Let me put that into terms we understand, Jesus, the Lamb died to pay the price for the sins of every family, everybody that speaks any language in the world, every group of people and every nation that exists, there is no one who Jesus Christ did not die for-and will not offer salvation to
  11. Redeem has the idea of paying the price for someone-In Bible times people would become slaves because they owed money, their property would be seized by the individual they owed, they would end up with nothing working for nothing
  12. But sometimes a redeemer would come along and pay what needed to be paid to free them
  13. You see, you are in bondage to sin
  14. You deserve nothing but death because you have broken the law of God
  15. Hell is the place where you will go when you die
  16. Except that a redeemer came along for you and died to pay your debt
  17. Now you can go free if you will believe that Jesus died for you and rose from the grave and confess Him as your Lord
  18. Some of you have made that decision to believe in Jesus and make Him the Lord of your life-if you have not, do it today, it is your only escape from sin, death and hell
  19. That is why you should worship Jesus, because He died for you, so that you could go free
  20. He deserves your thanks, your service you whole life and on into eternity
  21. Not only that though, look at v. 10-When you were saved He made you a king and a priest
  22. He made you important where you were just a sinner before
  23. He has lifted you up to come into the presence of God like a priest and to carry His name to people who don’t know Him
  24. He has made you a ruler in His kingdom-you are a king
  25. All because of what Jesus did in dying in the cross and rising again.
  26. Thank You Jesus!!!! I’ll live my life for you!!!!  Whatever you want, you got it!!!!  Worship the one that died for you, redeemed you and made you a ruler and priest in His kingdom-worship Him with your whole life.
  28. John sees the elders and angels ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands-that is not a specific number by the way-that means a group of angels and people that I couldn’t count
  29. All of those people and angelic beings begin to shout that the Lamb is worthy to receive something
  30. The word worthy means that he deserves it, it is rightfully his to receive
  31. Now the things that are listed here are not things that people can give to Jesus-although we should recognize that he rightfully possesses them
  32. Jesus has been given-power-dunamis-the ability to do anything
  33. Jesus has been given-riches-everything rightfully belongs to Him because He is God
  34. Jesus has been given-wisdom-He has all knowledge and knows how to use that knowledge in the best way
  35. Jesus has been given-strength-nothing can overcome Him-not even death
  36. Jesus has been given-honor-authority over all things as the king
  37. Jesus has been given-glory-brilliance, brightness, complete purity for all to see
  38. Jesus has been given-blessing-the praise and worship of all creatures
  39. That is amazing that Jesus possesses all of those things that make Him worthy of worship
  40. But wait the scene is not over
  41. Every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them-there is nothing in creation that does not join into the chorus right here
  42. And they shout recognition that Jesus and the Father sitting on the throne possess blessing, glory, honor, power
  43. In fact they all shout that he has those things, rightfully deserves those things forever and ever
  44. He is eternal and His worship should continue eternally
  45. You should worship Jesus because He rightfully possessed power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing
  46. All of creation will worship Him in the end and all of creation should be worshiping Him right now
  47. You should be worshipping Him with your songs, with your voice, with your whole life.

CONCLUSION:  You can see that Jesus deserves your worship.  He is the Messiah, the redeemer of all the earth.  He is in heaven the center of everything, the focus of eternity and should be the focus of your life and worship.  He died on the cross and was sacrificed to pay the price for your sins and to make you a king and priest.  He has rightfully received, all power, all riches, all wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing.  You should worship this Lamb with all of your life.