Posted by Peter Thompson

Revelation 4:1-11

God’s Presence-Your Response

INTRODUCTION:  After the messages of judgment to the churches we embark upon a new scene in Revelation.  We move from Jesus walking among the seven golden candlesticks to the very throne room of God.  Heaven’s door is opened to John in v. 1 and he hears a voice like a trumpet call him up to hear the things that will come.  He finds himself by the power of the Spirit standing in the throne room.  And before he gets to the happenings of the future that God will show Him, he bolds the God the Father.  We will see God today and it should cause you to respond in certain ways.  You will see three attributes of God today that I hope and pray will bring a response in your heart and life.

  1. HIS GLORY SHOULD BRING YOUR PRAISE (VS. 9, 11, 3, 6, 8-10)
  2. (read v. 9) The four beast that are around the throne of God, whose faces represent the creation of God, give glory to the one that sits on the throne
  3. (read verse 11), the 24 elders, who seem to represent God’s people proclaim that the one that sits on the throne is worthy of glory
  4. The word “glory” literally means excellence, brilliance, purity and worthiness of worship
  5. God is full of excellence, everything that He does is magnificent and perfect
  6. He is brilliant, his light shines to all the world, so that we are in awe of Him (read v. 3)-describes Him as light through beautiful stones, probably clear and red based on the stones we see here-there is a brilliant rainbow around the throne-all of these express the brilliance and magnificence of God
  7. He is pure-(read v. 6)-The sea of glass is represented by the laver in the temple and tabernacle, it was where the priests washed to come before pure and holy God
  8. The crystal is clear and pure-showing God’s purity
  9. (read v. 8)-the creatures spend day and night proclaiming Holy, Holy, Holy about this God that sits on the throne
  10. Holiness is about total purity and rightness, God is perfect in everything that He does-and that is a big part of his glory
  11. He is worthy of worship from every being (read v. 9-10)-the beasts and the elders worship him giving Him credit for his glory-praising Him for his excellence, brilliance purity
  12. Because of this glory of God that we have been talking about you should praise God with all of your being every day and every night
  13. You should spend day and night thinking about and talking about the holiness of God
  14. You should spend day and night praising him for his light and his excellence in everything He does
  15. You should praise Him with song, with shouting, with conversations that you have
  16. You should take every chance possible to lift God up for His excellence, brilliance, and purity in the eyes of people
  17. People around you should know that God is something amazing and special in your life, that you view God as the ultimate light and purity
  19. (read v. 9 again) the beasts also give honor to the one that sits on the throne
  20. (read v. 11) and then the elders declare Him worthy to receive honor
  21. The word “honor”-means authority, rank, state of office
  22. (read v. 2) we find God sitting on a throne-that is the place for what we call a king
  23. Somebody who has ultimate authority over His kingdom, he has rank, his office is to make all the rules
  24. That is what the beasts and the elders are giving to Him now-A place of rank, all authority
  25. (read v. 4) we see the 24 elders given authority with the crowns on their head-who gave them that authority?-the king of kings that sits on that throne
  26. Look what they do with that authority in v. 10 (read v. 10), they throw their authority down at His feet because they don’t feel worthy of wearing those crowns in the company of the ultimate authority
  27. They submitted their authority to the one that gave it to them in the first place
  28. They make themselves low before Him
  29. (read v. 11 again) you created us for your pleasure and your purpose-whatever you want us to do God we will do it because that is why we were created
  30. You were created by God and that is your purpose too
  31. You belong at the feet of God-giving up all authority to Him
  32. He is the King of Kings
  33. He should rule over your life
  34. You should not move without the say so of God
  35. You should not act unless God has given you an order
  36. You should read His word constantly to learn the commands of your king
  37. So that you might obey them to the letter
  38. As human beings we are so hung up on our authority-we say things like “nobody tells me what to do”
  39. We talk about our right to choose and our right to live any way that we want
  40. Did you know you don’t have any rights
  41. You should do whatever God tells you to do, because He has the right to tell you what to do
  42. He is the ultimate authority and all you need to do is submit to that authority
  43. Be what God wants you to be!
  1. (Read v. 11 again) the 24 elders give the one that sits on the throne power
  2. There are two kinds of power in the Greek language that the New Testament scriptures were written in
  3. One is exsousia power-that is authority-now we already talked about that God has all authority
  4. But here we have the other Greek word for power-it is dunamis
  5. Dunamis is the word that we get dynamite from
  6. It is the power to do something, it is power to move things, power to make things happen
  7. God has all dunamis-all power to do anything that God wants to do
  8. (read v. 5) lightning and thunder are coming out of the throne-that’s very scary
  9. What is He going to do with that lightning that He has power over? Who is He going to shake with His thunder
  10. In front of the throne are seven lamps of fire-they represent the Spirit of God in seven different capacities
  11. The Spirit of God is what gives Him power all throughout scripture-7 is a complete and perfect number so here we are talking about complete and total power of the Holy Spirit of God
  12. (Read v. 6) we see the beast are full of eyes, God has the power to see all things
  13. (Read v. 7) These beasts represent four different great creations of God-the power to create things out of nothing
  14. (Read v. 8) they call Him the Lord God Almighty-that means he has all might or power to do things
  15. He was and is and is to come-the power to live eternally
  16. (Read v. 9) The beasts give Him thanks-why?-because of all He has done with His power
  17. (Read v. 10) We see his power to live forever again
  18. (Read v. 11 again) They point to creation again-He created everything that exists with His power
  19. When you look at the power of God it should bring about the same reaction that it brought to the creatures and people in the throne room
  20. First, there is fear, you should be afraid of God
  21. He has power over life, death, nature-did you know when a tornado comes through, it is because God made it come through
  22. Did you know when the earth opens up because of an earthquake, God’s power is on display
  23. God can do anything and if you are not living for Him you should be very afraid
  24. But if you are living for Him then trust comes into play-God can do all things, there is no trouble that He cannot pull you through, there is no obstacle that He cannot overcome for you-as you live for God, when worries come into your life, you should trust His awesome power
  25. Finally, there is thanksgiving-Thank you God for our mercy and grace where you did not judge me and use your power against me even though I deserve it
  26. Thank you God for creating this beautiful earth with your power for me to live on
  27. Thank you God for exercising your power over sin and death so that I could be saved
  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you

CONCLUSION:  The twenty four elders acknowledge that God is worthy of worship and praise, they submit that they were created for His pleasure and his purpose giving him the ultimate authority in their lives.  They fearfully bow down to His grand power in trust and thanksgiving.  This view of God should bring the same response in your life.  Praise God in public, fall on your face before God, submit to Him, fear Him, trust Him, and give Him thanks.