Posted by Peter Thompson

Revelation 3:14-22

What Does Jesus Think? #7

INTRODUCTION:  Jesus introduces himself to this Laodicean church as the “Amen”.  The let it be so, you see Jesus made everything and everything keeps going because he lets it be so.  The faithful and true witness, everything that Jesus reflects about God is true and he will always be true no matter what.  The beginning of the creation not created by God but in the beginning with God and God himself.  That is Jesus and here is what that almighty faithful and true witness who is the all and all of everything wants from this church at Philadelphia.  You can learn further today what Jesus wants a true church to be, if you will open up your spiritual ears and listen to Him.

  2. Jesus says that this church is neither cold nor hot
  3. History says that the Laodiceans had trouble getting water
  4. They were situated down in a valley and built an aqueduct to bring water down from the mountains
  5. By the time that ice cold water made it down to them it was lukewarm
  6. They also tried to bring hot water up from the hot springs that were further down in the valley
  7. By the time it made it there it was lukewarm
  8. The water they ended up with did not taste good to drink and no good for baths or washing anything
  9. They knew all about lukewarm water and Jesus used that knowledge to let them know what he thought of their works
  10. Cold water would be useful and hot water would be useful, but there is no use for lukewarm water
  11. Jesus said, you don’t taste good and I will spit you out of my mouth because you are lukewarm
  12. Their works were not good for anything
  13. This church was not accomplishing anything for God
  14. They were useless, like lukewarm water
  15. Jesus wanted them to become productive
  16. To do works that accomplished something for God on earth
  17. God has a desire for your church to be useful and productive
  18. Jesus wants your church to be reaching people for Him
  19. Jesus wants your church to be baptizing people
  20. Jesus wants your church to be teaching people the Bible so that they can grow closer to God
  21. Jesus intends for His churches to reproduce
  22. Christians make new Christians and teach them to make new Christians
  23. Whether a church is productive in this work or not depends on the individuals in the church
  24. Are you productive in the work of God, or are you counting on someone else to accomplish things for God?
  25. Learn how to witness with the power of God behind you
  26. Encourage people in the Lord
  27. Take somebody under your wing and teach them to do the same
  28. Produce something for God in your life-and then your church will be producing for God
  30. This church was saying that they were rich and did not need anything
  31. They were speaking monetarily
  32. But Jesus says here that spiritually they are wretched, miserable, poor and naked and blind
  33. One of the reasons they were not productive was because they did not depend on God at all
  34. They were trusting in their riches, their increase
  35. They were rich and getting richer
  36. They were storing it up so they could point to it and talk about how rich they were
  37. They did not need God or anything else, they had it covered
  38. A church like this, that is taking care of themselves is spiritually poor because there is no faith, no trust, no dependence on God
  39. In Jesus’ opinion that is a wretched state to be in
  40. In Jesus’ opinion that is a miserable place
  41. In Jesus’ opinion people who are not dependent upon God are poor no matter how much they have
  42. In Jesus’ opinion people who are not dependent upon God are blind and can’t see
  43. In Jesus’ opinion people who don’t depend on God are naked without clothes
  44. This is a terrible place for the church of Jesus Christ to be, depending upon self rather than on God
  45. Everything that we have, and everything that we need as a church and for that matter in your personal life comes from God
  46. If you have it God gave it to you
  47. And if you need it, God is the only one that can provide it
  48. God’s church and God’s people must depend upon God for everything
  49. When we start thinking that we have everything we need and don’t need God, we are poor, wretched, miserable, blind and naked
  50. We don’t have anything if we do not have God and his provision
  51. Trust Him, depend upon Him and he will provide for you and your church both physically and spiritually
  52. Jesus wants his church to not worry, not because they have plenty, but because we are depending on God
  1. So Jesus has some advice for them to remedy the situation
  2. Since they are poor, miserable, wretched, blind and naked
  3. How could they stop being that way
  4. He counseled them to buy gold from Him-cash in their tainted money and possessions for the pure and holy riches of God
  5. That is done by doing the pure works of God being completely dependent on Him
  6. Their motives needed to be God’s motives and not get rich motives
  7. He also counseled them to put on white clothes
  8. That is a matter of staying away from sin and again doing the pure works of God
  9. Matthew 6:19-21 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
  10. As a church our goal should not be to pad the general fund so that we don’t have any needs
  11. Our goal should be to do eternal work that is pleasing to God
  12. Pure works with the pure motive
  13. We don’t grow so that we can bring in more offerings
  14. We grow so that more people have eternal life and are sharing eternal life with the lost world
  15. Everything that we do should have behind it a love for God and a love for people
  16. A desire to do what God would have you to do
  17. And as you do that then you and our church will be spiritually motivated and therefore spiritually rich
  19. After that tough language, Jesus assures this church that He loves them
  20. Because He loves them, He will not allow them to continue living and doing church this way
  21. He will not allow them to keep depending on themselves
  22. He will rebuke them-tell them what they are doing wrong
  23. He will chasten them-punish them to bring them back to the right
  24. And Jesus points to the right thing to do when you face that chastening
  25. Repent, He says
  26. Change your mind, go back to doing what is right
  27. You know from time to time every church takes their eye off of the ball
  28. Every church begins to do their work for the wrong reasons
  29. Every church begins to alloy sin and apathy to creep in
  30. Every church begins to feed their preferences rather than the will of God
  31. When we do that, we can expect God to rebuke us and get our attention, maybe with hardship
  32. The thing to do is repent, the thing to do is change your mind
  33. The thing to do is to fall on your face before God and beg His mercy
  34. And then start serving God in the right way with right motives again
  35. What made David a man after God’s own heart was not sinlessness, it was a willingness to repent when sin was brought to his attention
  36. God would have our church which means you to be ready to repent when you’ve have done wrong, maybe your motives are wrong, maybe your heart is wrong, repent today and get right
  37. Make our church a repentant church
  39. Jesus says to this church that He is outside the door knocking
  40. Jesus is not in this church at Laodicea
  41. He is begging to come in
  42. What a sad state of affairs for one of the Lord’s churches to have Jesus trapped outside
  43. He tells them, I am knocking and if anybody in the church will let me come in, I will eat with that person
  44. In other words He will have fellowship with them, talk with them, tell them what He wants
  45. Let us never have a church where Jesus is not invited in
  46. We should all be running for the door if Jesus is outside knocking
  47. We should all desire for Jesus to be a part of everything that we do
  48. We should preach like Jesus wants us to preach
  49. We should teach like Jesus wants us to teach
  50. Jesus should be the head and have first place in this church
  51. Do not ever let him stand outside knocking
  52. Let’s all have dinner with Jesus, let’s all talk to Him
  53. Every time you assemble with the church for work or for worship
  54. Hold the door wide open for Jesus to be a part of it all
  55. If you make Jesus everything in your life, then every time you come to church He comes with you
  56. Bring Jesus into our church at all costs, do not leave Him outside knocking

CONCLUSION:  Jesus says those that overcome (the Christian people who have believed) will sit with Him in His throne!  When you are done, you get to be with Jesus, rule with Jesus.  But before all of that you need to be productive in the work of God, you need to depend on Him for everything, you need to become spiritually rich, you need to repent where you have failed and get back to doing what God’s perfect work and you must invite Jesus into your life and church.