Posted by Peter Thompson

Matthew 2:1-12

Jesus:  The Eternal King

INTRODUCTION:  We do not know a lot about these men that came to Israel to worship the new king.  There really is no clear prophecy that points to a star that signaled a king in Israel.  We don’t know if they received a message from God to follow the star or what.  But however these men came to the understanding that the star meant the king was born, they decided that they would leave home, find this king, worship him and give him presents.  The basically decided to make this king the king of their lives.  You should make that same decision in your life.  This morning we are going to discuss four decisions you need to make in order to make Jesus the King of your life.

  2. We have here some wise men from the east that came to find the king
  3. They came from the east to Jerusalem
  4. Now how far east is a matter of debate
  5. But some, including myself believe it took them up to 2 years to make this journey
  6. They left home, we don’t exactly know where that was, although the Babylon/Persian areas is a better good candidate
  7. But they left there to come to a foreign place
  8. Why did they decide to make this journey
  9. Because they had seen the star that symbolized the birth of God’s king
  10. And they came to find Him
  11. Seeing Him and worshiping Him was more important than the comforts of where they were
  12. You too have to make that decision in your life
  13. You have to come to the place where finding out about this king is more important than anything else
  14. You have to come to the place where you are willing to leave where you are to find out where Jesus is
  15. We are probably not talking about physical location when it comes to you, although sometimes God does require people to leave their physical location to find Him
  16. But spiritually, you and Jesus are not in the same place
  17. And if you want to make Him king of your life, you are going to have to leave wherever you are and go where He is
  18. Maybe you don’t know Jesus as your Savior-you need to decide to leave where you are at and go find Jesus today
  19. Maybe you are living for yourself, and it is time to find your king
  20. You’ll have to stop living for self, and start looking for where and what He would have you to be doing
  21. Maybe he is serving homeless people at the homeless shelter
  22. Maybe he is caring for the orphans and widows
  23. You need to be in the same place your king is, if you are going to serve Him
  24. So you must make that decision to leave where you are at and make the journey to find where he is
  26. These wise men went to Jerusalem to the seat of the king
  27. These men weren’t stupid-they had to know that Herod the king was not going to take kindly to the news of another king
  28. But who would know better where to find the king of Jews than the people at Herod’s palace
  29. So they went there, even though it was dangerous
  30. The wise men made this long journey, found Jerusalem and the king that was there
  31. They had him ask all of the priests and religious men where they should find the Savior
  32. These men said Bethlehem
  33. But you know what, two years after the birth of Jesus, I don’t believe they were still in Bethlehem-especially since they traveled to Jerusalem on the 8th day to have Him circumcised and offer sacrifices
  34. It makes since that they would go home to Nazareth after that
  35. They were sent to Bethlehem, but then they followed the star as it guided them to where Jesus was
  36. Probably in a house in Nazareth where they found a young child, not a baby
  37. They went through a lot of trouble to find this king
  38. I think these wise men would have kept going even if they had not found Jesus
  39. They were determined and had decided to do whatever it would take to find this King
  40. After you have made the decision to come to Jesus, you have to decide to do whatever it takes to find Him
  41. The story of Jesus, who He is and what he cares about is found in the Word of God which is the Bible
  42. That story starts at the beginning of this book, and ends at the very end of this book
  43. In order to find Jesus and be in the same place that He is, you need to know His whole story
  44. You need to study this Bible
  45. You need to go to places like church to learn about Him
  46. There are lots of people out there, like Herod, pointing people the wrong way
  47. They might even base part of what they had to say on the Bible
  48. You have to follow the truth, no matter how much trouble you have to go to
  49. Saved or lost, you must do whatever it takes to find the true King that you should be worshipping
  1. When they saw the star was leading them to Jesus they knew they were going to find Him
  2. It was a done deal, and they rejoiced
  3. Rejoicing is the outward show of joy that is within
  4. They had joy in their hearts because they had found the King
  5. And it came out on the outside-They may have jumped up and down
  6. They may have hooped and hollered
  7. They may have done a fist pump
  8. We don’t know exactly what outward expressions they used but the joy that they had on the inside came out because they had found the King
  9. When you find Jesus, it should fill your heart with joy
  10. So much so that you show it on the outside
  11. When the Cowboys beat the Raiders tonight, I will show my joy on the outside
  12. We should be more excited about the eternal life we have in Jesus
  13. We should be telling everybody, and praising Him publicly
  14. You should be overjoyed about serving Him with your life
  15. It is not a drudgery to serve Jesus
  16. It is exciting and joyous and it should show on your face
  17. Decide to show your joy at having found Jesus
  19. Now this is the thing for which these wise men are known
  20. They brought gifts
  21. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh
  22. Very expensive gifts, hard to find, rare gifts
  23. Gifts that would have cost these men a fortune
  24. The Bible says here that they fell down to worship Him with these gifts
  25. When it says that they fell down and worshipped Him
  26. It literally means that
  27. The word worship has the idea of laying oneself on the ground in front of a superior
  28. These guys fell down on their faces before Jesus the King, acknowledging His greatness and majesty
  29. While giving Him the most expensive gifts that cost them so much
  30. You too should decide to worship Jesus the King
  31. That means that you acknowledge that you are lower than him
  32. Symbolically put yourself on the ground in front of Jesus
  33. He is so much higher and greater than you
  34. What He wants for your life is what it should be, He should have complete control over you
  35. And as you come to worship Him that way
  36. Bring Him gifts, and not just the left over gifts of your life
  37. Bring Him expensive things, that cost you a lot
  38. Make sacrifices to give Jesus everything that you have
  39. Lose something real and hard to let go of in order to worship the King
  40. What do you love the most?
  41. Give it to Jesus! He deserves it!  He is the King!

CONCLUSION:  The king exists. He did come to earth.  He should be king of your life.  The question is are you willing to do what it takes to make Him King for you personally.  Are you ready to decide to make that journey to the King?  Are you ready to decide to do whatever it takes to find Him?  Are you ready to rejoice because of the joy the King brings into your life?  Are you ready to worship Him and give Him expensive gifts that cost you a lot?