Posted by Peter Thompson

Luke 1:31-35

Jesus: The Good News

INTRODUCTION:  This is the angel Gabriel speaking in this passage to Mary the mother of Jesus.  There are some really great lessons in this passage about Mary and the way that she is used by God and how she reacted to that, but this morning I want us to focus on the good news that Gabriel brought to Mary.  She was going to have a baby, but not just any baby, this baby was going to be absolutely special.  This morning lets share in that good news with Mary.

  2. Gabriel specifically instructs Mary here what to name her baby
  3. He said it was going to be a boy
  4. And she was to call his name JESUS
  5. The name “Jesus” in the original Greek is a transliteration of the name “Joshua” in the Hebrew
  6. In other words this is the way that the Greeks write the Hebrew name “Joshua”
  7. That name literally means “Jehovah our salvation” and that is why the King James translators made it all caps, because it contains the covenant name of God Jehovah
  8. The angel strictly says here, name him “Jehovah our salvation”
  9. This is God, he is our salvation-what good news
  10. You see the Bible teaches in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God
  11. So, I am a sinner and so are you
  12. The payment for sin in Romans 6:23 is death-referring to eternal death in the lake of fire-in hell
  13. That is where we belong, we should die and go to hell for our sin
  14. Jesus, the sinless sacrifice, paid the price of death, so that people could have eternal life
  15. He literally saved those that will believe from hell by dying on the cross
  16. The Jews were waiting for this Messiah that would save them-some of them did not understand what it meant to be saved, but they were waiting on the Savior
  17. Mary was allowed to be the one that would carry God our Salvation in her womb and give birth to Him
  18. That is good news that you should share with everybody you care anything about
  19. Your friends, your family, your acquaintances need to know that their Savior was born
  20. They need to know that they do not have to die and go to hell for their sins
  21. They need to know that the one that paid the price came to earth
  22. Never neglect to tell people what this angel told Mary
  23. God our Salvation has come into the world to save you from hell
  25. Gabriel, the angel, continues, “He shall be great”
  26. Now this word “great,” used about a person like it is here describes importance and rank
  27. This is a person that is lifted up in the eyes of people
  28. This is a person who is famous
  29. Strong’s Lexicon says “eminent [or famous] for ability, virtue, authority and power
  30. Jesus was famous for all of those things
  31. There were many in the scripture that concluded the works that he did, or the abilities that he had could only have come from God above
  32. He was called good master by some-because they understood the things that he was doing and teaching were good or virtuous
  33. The crowds marveled because he taught with authority, not like the scribes that taught from scripture-in other words he talked like the source of the scriptures and they only talked ABOUT the scriptures-Jesus had authority because He was God
  34. And power, this man raised people from the dead, gave sight to the blind, made the lame walk again and cast out demons out of the oppressed
  35. This man had power, like no other power
  36. Jesus was famous for all of these things just like Gabriel said that He would
  37. There are people all over the place that would love to say that Jesus never existed
  38. The problem is that Jesus was recorded in history because He was such a large figure
  39. To not include this man that was famous for the things he could do, the goodness of his character, the authority that he had and the power to do great wonders would be to leave out a major part of history
  40. So there is no denying that Jesus existed
  41. The Savior walked on earth and he did marvelous and good things while wielding the authority of God
  42. That is amazing news!
  43. You need to tell everybody you know
  44. That Jesus was famous
  45. He really existed and there is no denying it
  46. You need to tell them how everybody of the time saw him do miracles
  47. You need to tell them how everybody of the time saw him do good for others
  48. You need to tell them how everybody of the time recognized His authority
  49. And you need to tell them how everybody of that time period knew that He was God, because of the power of His works, including His own resurrection from death
  50. Tell them that they should believe in this Jesus that everybody understood was something more than an ordinary man
  51. HE IS GOING TO BE SON OF GOD (VS. 32, 34-35)
  1. Droves and droves of people knew that Jesus was no ordinary man
  2. Gabriel explains who he was in his next statement
  3. Gabriel said that “he would be called the Son of the Highest” in v. 32
  4. Gabriel is saying that he would be called the Son of God
  5. It was understood in that culture that to call someone the Son of God was to make them part of the trinity
  6. God is three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  7. To say that Jesus was the Son was to call Him God
  8. Mary could not understand how she was going to have this baby when she had never been with a man
  9. In answering her question Gabriel makes clear who the Father of this baby would be
  10. It would not be an earthly man
  11. The power of the Holy Spirit of God would put this baby inside of Mary
  12. So that this baby would be the Holy Son of God
  13. That is good news, because only God the Son in human flesh could be an acceptable sacrifice for sin
  14. Only God the Son could live a life that was entirely pleasing to God without sin
  15. And only someone who was sinless could die for the sins of everybody else
  16. You see, I can’t die for you, because I have my own sin that requires payment
  17. So, perfect, holy, righteous God who has no darkness of sin in Him had to die for your sins
  18. Tell everybody that good news! Jesus is the Son of God
  19. Tell everybody that it makes Him sinless
  20. Tell everybody that it makes Him qualified to die for their sin
  21. Tell everybody that God loved them so much that He sent His Son to die for them
  22. So that if they believe in Him, they will not go to hell but have everlasting life!
  24. Gabriel said that the baby that Mary was going to conceive would be the king over the house of Jacob
  25. That was another name for the Israelites, God’s people
  26. This was a fulfillment of the prophecy that God told David
  27. That one of his descendents would sit on the throne of Israel forever
  28. You see that Gabriel says here that he would be king forever
  29. And just to make it clear, he adds, “His kingdom will never end”
  30. Oh wait, you don’t understand what forever means, His Kingdom will never end
  31. That means that Jesus is eternal, that He cannot die, that he will live forever and that he will reign forever
  32. Do you remember the story about when Jesus was crucified
  33. Pilate put an inscription above His head
  34. It read, “King of the Jews”
  35. Now, He did die on the cross completely, they stabbed a spear through His vital organs to make sure
  36. But if he really was the prophesied king of the Jews, it could not end there on the cross
  37. He had to reign forever, His kingdom could not end
  38. That is why on the third day after His death, Jesus was raised alive from the grave
  39. He was the king then, is the king now and will be the king in the future
  40. We find out in the book of Revelation, not just the King of Israel, but the King of the whole world
  41. Are you worried about where our government is taking the country, don’t worry, when it is all said and done the rightful king will sit on the throne of the whole world
  42. Tell that good news to everybody! The King raised from the grave and is coming back someday
  43. Tell them they not only should believe in Him
  44. But that they should make Him King of their lives
  45. Tell them, the rightful king will take the throne and that they want be on His side
  46. Because He will judge those who are against Him
  47. Tell them to submit to the real king now!

CONCLUSION:  This is the greatest news that has ever been announced to mankind.  It is such great news that you should tell everybody about it.  Jesus is the savior of the whole world.  Jesus is famous for his ability, virtue, authority and power.  He is the very Son of God and he came to earth to make God’s salvation plan a reality.  He is going to be the everlasting king and should be king of everyone’s life now!  Tell that good news, everywhere you go, to everyone you see!