Posted by Peter Thompson

Jude 5-11

Undermining God’s Authority

INTRODUCTION:  You will remember last week that the discussion here is about people who are ungodly creeping into the churches and leading people astray.  These people do not recognize the authority of God.  There was one place last week where we saw that their words even condemn God.  That has the idea of accusing God of wrong doing.  The danger is that we as Christians will listen to these people, allow their teachings and begin to undermine the authority of God in our lives.  Here Jude talks about some groups that were judged by God for doing just that.  He refers at one point to these false teachers as filthy dreamers, people who dream up ways to go against the ways of God and defile themselves.  You need to recognize the authority of God in your life.  We are going to discuss four ways that you can undermine the authority of God in your life.  Of course we want to avoid these things so that God has the complete authority that He deserves as your creator.

  1. BY UNBELIEF (V. 5)
  2.  Jude reminds these Christian people of a well known story from Jewish history
  3.  Of course, we know this story as well
  4. The Israelites were freed by God out of Egypt
  5. We know that God sent Moses to get them out
  6. God used the ten plagues ending with the death of all the firstborn in Egypt
  7. Then the Pharaoh let them go by the power of God
  8. It was God that freed them and no power of their own
  9. But after they were free, you remember they ran into the Red Sea
  10. They had mountains on both sides, the sea in front of them and the Egyptian army behind them because Pharaoh had changed his mind
  11. They began then, questioning God and not believing that God could truly deliver them
  12. Every time they faced adversity, they would complain to Moses that they were going to die at the hands of the circumstances-not believing that God could deliver them
  13. It came time to go into the promised land, Caleb and Joshua said lets trust God and go in and take the land like He commanded
  14. 10 other spies and all of the other people said no, the walls are too big, the people are too strong-because they did not believe in God
  15. The Old Testament tells the story of how that entire generation was forced to wander in the wilderness until they all died-they never got to go into the promised land because of their unbelief, instead they were destroyed
  16. God had already saved them from Egypt and so many other things, but they refused to do what God commanded them to do because they did not believe
  17. If you have believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and rose again, if you have confessed Him as Lord, then you have been saved, saved from hell, saved from bondage to sin
  18. If you go about your Christian life not believing in God
  19. Not having faith that God can bring you through all of the trials according to His will
  20. If you don’t think God can handle the problems that you face
  21. You undermine the authority and power of God
  22. Of course Almighty God is powerful enough to pull you through
  23. Of course Almighty God is powerful enough to handle your human problems
  24. As God pulls us through trouble after trouble after trouble, our faith should grow
  25. We should trust Him more and more
  26. So that when God, our authority, commands us to do something that is outside of our comfort zone
  27. We will be able to say like Caleb and Joshua, let’s go do it, God will make it happen
  28. But when your faith stays small, you become like the rest of the people and you refuse to do what God wants you to do, because you don’t believe that He can handle the obstacles.
  29. God’s authority means nothing to you because your fear will rule your life instead of God because you don’t believe that God can handle what He orders.
  30. That is not where you want to be, you want to have complete faith in him and do what He says because you believe in His ability to accomplish it in your life
  32.  This next episode in history moves to the realm of heaven
  33. God created angels to be his perfect servants
  34. The angels were supposed to be God’s messengers
  35. The word angelos in the Greek literally means messenger
  36. These beings were to do the bidding of God
  37. God was their authority and they were supposed to do God’s work
  38. But Lucifer was lifted up with pride and a third of the angels with him
  39. He proclaimed that he would be higher than God
  40. He proclaimed that people would bow down to him instead
  41. He said He would sit on the throne of God
  42. God cast Satan and his angels out of heaven, to roam the earth and reserved a place of torment called hell for his eternal punishment at the end of time
  43. Their pride made the buck the authority of God
  44. In v. 8 Jude returns to talking about the people that are creeping in and trying to get people to leave the faith
  45. He calls them filthy dreamers-they dream up filthy things to do-defiling their flesh with sin
  46. And here is why they think they can do disgusting things
  47. Because they despise dominion-there idea is that nobody can have authority over them-nobody can tell them what to do-they have lifted themselves up to a position where nobody can control them
  48. He says that they speak evil of dignities-the word here in the Greek is actually doxa
  49. Which means glory
  50. They speak evil of glory-that is God they are speaking evil about
  51. Instead of being under his authority-they talk bad about Him
  52. That can happen in your life too
  53. If you think that you know what is best for your life
  54. If you think that you can do no wrong
  55. If you decide your way is better than God’s way
  56. They you will begin to do what you want instead of what God wants
  57. You will begin to stop recognizing the authority of God on your life
  58. In v. 9 Jude talks about Michael the angel when he fought Satan over Moses’ body (now what all happened there and what that was about, we don’t have time or understanding for today)
  59. But the conclusion is that Michael did not rebuke or scold Satan himself, but scolded him in the name of God-God’s authority was what mattered
  60. God’s authority is what matters in your life
  61. You don’t want to be one of the ones that is in the wrong and putting yourself above God
  62. You should know your true place which is under God (like the pledge of allegiance says)
  63. And when you place yourself under God then you will do what God commands and not what your desires demand
  64. Then God has the authority that He deserves as your creator and God
  65. BY LIVING IN SIN (V. 7)
  1. And then he refers to two cities that existed before the nation of Israel
  2. Sodom and Gomorrah were located by the dead sea which is in Israel now
  3. When Abraham and Lot had too many herds to stay together, Abraham told lot to choose a place and that Abraham would go the other way
  4. The Bible tells us that Lot went into the plain and pitched his tent toward Sodom
  5. The next time we see Lot he has moved all the way into the city of Sodom
  6. Those cities were wicked and evil cities
  7. God sent two angels to get Lot out before God destroyed the two cities for being so wicked
  8. Lot took them into his house because he was afraid for them to stay out in the streets, it was too dangerous
  9. When the men of the city heard that two men were staying at Lots house, they came to break down the door and have forced sexual relations with the men in the house
  10. They practiced homosexuality
  11. Lot wasn’t much better, he offered his daughters instead and these guys didn’t want the girls, they continued to try to take the men
  12. This verse says they were going after strange flesh, this was not natural, it was not right, it was against everything God intended when He created man and woman
  13. But the lines had become so blurred for these people that it was a way of life
  14. The sin of homosexuality and many other wicked practices in Sodom  and Gomorrah and the cities around them, led to the total destruction of those cities
  15. They were so involved in their sin and desires that God’s authority was no longer even close to their thinking
  16. They had no desire to know God or follow God and so when they died on the destruction they went to eternal hell
  17. When you begin to give in to sin in your life
  18. When you stop recognizing what is right and what is wrong
  19. When you let the world begin to influence your thinking more than God’s word
  20. Then God’s authority in your life becomes less and less
  21. Until you don’t care whether He has authority or not
  22. That is not what you want, you want to live according to the standards of the Bible and continue to live the life you were intended to live under the authority of your good God
  24. He continues to talk about the creepers that are trying to lead people astray
  25. He says that they speak evil of things they do not know
  26. That is about things of God
  27. But the things they do know the things they know naturally like brute beasts
  28. Using those things they corrupt or pollute themselves
  29. They act like animals, doing whatever their instincts tell them to do
  30. They don’t reason, they act on impulse, they act on feeling
  31. They let their fleshly desires dictate how they act and how they think
  32. When you start acting on your fleshly desires you too will forsake the things of God
  33. You will stop doing what God wants
  34. Because what God wants is totally opposed to what your flesh wants
  35. And when you act on your desires, you will be going against God

CONCLUSION:  Jude concludes this idea of bucking the authority of God in v. 11 (read it).  He says people that undermine the authority of God will be judged.  He names three people that did just that.  Cain, when he brought whatever offering that he wanted to, with a prideful lifted up heart, regardless of what God wanted.  Balaam when he tried to curse the nation of Israel when God had instructed him to bless them because a king was going to pay him to do so and Core, who challenged the authority of Moses as God’s leader and was consumed with fire from God.  All of these defied God’s authority and suffered for it.  Jude is encouraging you as a Christian not to follow these corrupters down that path.  God should have supreme authority in your life.  You should place your faith completely in Him.  You should know your place and submit to God.  You should live the way that God wants you to live, staying away from sinful lifestyles.  You should follow God’s leading and not the leading of your flesh.  Give God authority over you!