Posted by Peter Thompson

Jude 1-2

Act like It

INTRODUCTION: Jude is the half brother of Jesus Christ as was James.  We see in the gospels that Jesus earthly brothers did not believe while he was walking on the earth.  But after his death, he rose from the grave and appeared to James.  James was saved and we assume that Jude was saved at that same time.  In this book he is calling upon these Christian people to stand up and fight for the true faith.  He begins here in v. 1 and 2 describing the identity of Christian people.  If you as a Christian person are going be strong in the faith and stand for the faith like the rest of this book is going to call upon you to do, then you must begin by knowing who you are and by making a commitment to act like it.  If you are not committed to this identity you will never be effective in fighting for the faith.

  2. In the Greek the word for servant is doulos
  3. It literally means slave
  4. The idea here is to be completely controlled by someone else
  5. In the time of Christ a bond slave like this was someone who had nothing of their own
  6. They had either gotten into debt or committed some crime
  7. All of their possessions had been seized and they were working to pay off what they owed
  8. This kind of slave belonged completely to the master
  9. If this slave had a place to live it was because the master provided it
  10. If this slave had wife and children, then they too belonged to the master
  11. The slave was completely dependent on the master and completely submissive to the master
  12. When the master gave an order it was followed completely
  13. This kind of slave had no will of his or her own, or at least they did not ever dare act on that will
  14. Here Jude even though he is a half brother of Jesus Christ, says that he is a slave of Jesus Christ
  15. Jude is nothing without Jesus Christ
  16. Jude does whatever the will of Jesus Christ is with no regard for his own will
  17. Jesus is the master, Jude is the slave
  18. His life is about serving the needs of Jesus
  19. That is also what you are by identity
  20. When you were saved you confessed Jesus Christ as your master
  21. The one who would control your life from then on out
  22. Romans 10:9 says that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, or that Jesus is Lord (master)
  23. And believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved
  24. So part of your salvation was turning yourself over to Jesus Christ to serve Him
  25. Your possessions belong to Him
  26. Your family belongs to Him
  27. Your money belongs to Him
  28. Everything you have is His, and you actions are to be controlled by Him
  29. He bought and paid for you with His blood on the cross, and now you belong to Him
  30. Do you act like Jesus is your master and you are his slave?
  31. I think most of us, even Christians go about our lives living for ourselves
  32. We want things, so we get those things
  33. We want to do things, so we do those things
  34. Understand that you do not have permission to do anything that Jesus Christ does not order
  35. It is high time we Christians started acting like the slaves of Jesus Christ
  36. It is time that your life revolved around the wishes of your master
  37. It is time you started acting like the slave of Jesus Christ that you are
  39. Jude is writing to people that are sanctified by the Father
  40. This is God the Father that we are talking about here
  41. One of His actions in salvation is to sanctify the believer
  42. The word sanctified here means to be set apart to God’s service
  43. Some people use the word dedicated
  44. What it means is that this person is to do nothing else but the thing that he is set aside to do

Illustration:  My grandmother has a white room in her house that is set aside for adult guests with no food or drinks

  1. When you were saved you were set aside by God the Father to do one special thing
  2.  That one thing is to live for God
  3. You are to live a holy life that is different from all the world around you
  4. You are to hear the word of God and do all the things that are in it
  5. You are to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world
  6. You are to be God’s and His alone
  7. Your purpose in life is to serve God
  8. Your purpose is not to make your family comfortable
  9. Your purpose is not to retire early
  10. Your purpose is not to get all the things that you can accumulate
  11. Your purpose is not to make sure that your children have the best education
  12. Your purpose is to serve God and all of those other things will take care of themselves
  13. Every decision and everything you do, should be for God
  14. Everything in your life should further His cause
  15. That is going to require us all to drop some things out of our life and add some things too our life
  16. So that our entire life is for Him
  1. Preserved means to retain, keep or guard
  2. John 3:16 ForGod so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
  3. Before someone is saved
  4. Before they believe that Jesus died on the cross for their personal sins, before they confess Jesus as their master
  5. Before all that, the person was on their way to hell, they were going to suffer the second death
  6. They were going to suffer for all eternity in the lake of fire
  7. Because Jesus died on the cross and rose again
  8. A person can believe in Him, make Him Lord of their life and at that moment receive everlasting life-life that last forever
  9. Now how can that be?
  10. How can you make one decision and then regardless of your actions after that have eternal life
  11. Well that is because at the point of salvation you are saved by what Jesus Christ did and not by what you did
  12. And you stay saved for the same reason, because Jesus Christ died on the cross, not because you can be good
  13. So in Jesus taking your punishment on Himself
  14. He saved you for all eternity, he washed away all of your sins past, present and future
  15. And you could not lose that salvation if you wanted to
  16. You are kept, guarded, preserved by Jesus Christ and you will live forever
  17. Are you acting like that?
  18. Are you going through life with doubt?
  19. Are you living as if you do not know that you are kept?
  20. When someone asks you if you are going to heaven, can you say without a doubt, yes I am
  21. If you have believed and made Him the Lord of your life, then you should be bold to do that
  22. You should be certain that he has forgiven everything
  23. You should forgive yourself and live life to its fullest for God
  24. Because Jesus Christ has already forgiven you, he has already given you eternal life, and you will live forever because of Him-start living in that assurance
  26. Did you know that no one comes to God on their own?
  27. You see, before a person is saved they are a sinner by nature
  28. Everything inside and out is a slave to sin
  29. Everything inside and out is in bondage to sin and the world
  30. What part of that person that is sinner inside and out is going to seek out God?
  31. The answer is that no one can seek God in their sinful condition
  32. God reaches out to us-God calls us to salvation by His gospel and by His Holy Spirit
  33. If you know Jesus Christ, there was a point in your life when you answered that call
  34. There was a time when you said, I know that I am a sinner
  35. I know and believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins
  36. He will be the Lord and master of my life from this day forward
  37. You answered the call to be saved
  38. You answered the call to serve Jesus for the rest of your life
  39. It is time that you and I began to act like we have answered that call
  40. It is time you started acting like you made that decision to make Him the Lord and master of your life
  41. It is like you committing to something and then backing out and doing whatever you want
  42. You RSVP to a wedding, and then the day of you decide you don’t want to go
  43. You commit to your wife until death do us part, and then you decide 5 years is enough
  44. You commit to pay a loan off in so many months, and then you decide that you just don’t want to pay
  45. You committed to being the servant of Jesus Christ, and you decided to do it your way instead
  46. Act like you have answered the call

CONCLUSION: There is great reward for living this kind of life.  Mercy, peace and love is what Jude wishes for these Christians. That is what you will have in your life as you live like this.  Mercy has to do with the consequences for your sin.  If you are talking about saved people like we are here, then this mercy that he wishes them is not to be saved from hell, but to escape the consequences of their sin. God will do that for you as you live like this.  You will have peace in your life as you choose to live like you are Gods. You will fully experience the agape love of God as you live like you are His.  You are a servant of Jesus Christ, act like it.  You are set apart only to do Gods work, act like it.  You are kept saved by Jesus Christ, act like it.  You have answered the call of the Holy Spirit of God to turn your life over to God, act like it.