Posted by Peter Thompson

II John 7-13

Concerning Teachers of Lies

INTRODUCTION:  If you remember John began this book putting the emphasis in the life of this Christian lady on truth and love.  The two foundations of being a Christ follower are knowing the truth, and making it a part of your life, and loving everybody the way that Christ loved you.  The enemy of truth and love are false teachers that will try to teach people lies about Jesus Christ and His love example.  John warns of these false teachers here at the end of this short book.  There are four precautions that you need to take to make sure that you continue teaching right and that people around you know the truth.

  2. John calls these people deceivers who have entered into the world
  3. These are not just teachers that have come into churches
  4. These are people that are trying to tell the world lies
  5. They intend to lie to the world, to take the world away from true Christianity
  6. These deceivers are being used by Satan
  7. They do exist-the idea that everybody means well is not true
  8. Many of them deceive for money, some of them deceive for power
  9. Some of them just want to prove that they can lead people astray
  10. But they are out there
  11. John has just told this lady to walk in love with her fellow believers
  12. His reasoning is that these deceivers are in the world
  13. Christians need each other to help recognize and ward off the deceivers
  14. How does one recognize the deceivers?
  15. These particular deceivers that John is talking about are not the only deceivers out there
  16. Just because everybody that declares that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh is a deceiver
  17. Does not mean that everybody who is a deceiver declares that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh
  18. But John is specifically talking about this kind of deceiver here, maybe because the church of that time was having a hard time spotting this kind of deceiver
  19. How do you spot a deceiver?
  20. By what they teach
  21. They confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh
  22. There is a lot to that
  23. They will not say openly, that is what it means to confess
  24. They are not going to make a public statement about Jesus Christ coming in the flesh
  25. Have you ever seen a religious leader on TV that won’t make a definite statement about Jesus
  26. Their public statements are going to be about other things
  27. Christ-anointed one chosen by God to save the world.-They do not proclaim publicly that Jesus is the anointed, chosen one of God that came to save the world
  28. They do not proclaim publicly that the Son of God walked on the earth or did the things that He did while He was here
  29. If He did not come to earth, then they do not proclaim publicly that he died on the cross
  30. They do not proclaim publicly that He lived a sinless life
  31. They do not proclaim publicly that he healed the sick, raised the dead and cast out demons
  32. They do not proclaim publicly that he rose from the dead
  33. They do not proclaim that he ever said, “I am the way the truth and the life”-they do not proclaim publicly that he is the only way to heaven
  34. Anybody who will not proclaim these truths about Jesus Christ publicly is a deceiver
  35. You need to recognize those people far off and not let them influence your life or the lives of your fellow believers.
  37. John says, “look to yourselves”
  38. In other words watch out for your good in this area
  39. The idea is take care of yourself
  40. Guard yourself to make sure this evil does not come upon you
  41. John gives reason that you should be watching out for yourself in this area
  42. So that we don’t lose the things that we have worked for
  43. And so that we will receive a full reward
  44. This is a very simple concept to understand
  45. God has prepared rewards for those people that live their lives according to his will
  46. A Christian should strive their whole life for those rewards
  47. When a Christian person lives their entire life for God, they receive a full reward
  48. But when a Christian person gets side tracked, when a Christian person lives like the world
  49. When a Christian person is not in the center of God’s will, they will not be rewarded for that
  50. So John simply writes that you will not receive as much reward as you would have if you fall for one of these false teachers
  51. Practically how does this falling work
  52. How are you going to tell people about the true way to heaven if you don’t believe it anymore?
  53. How are you going to serve God in the center of His will if you do not believe the truth about Him anymore
  54. You see, a Christian who is led astray becomes entirely ineffective for God
  55. You have worked so hard to be rewarded by God at the end, don’t blow your full reward now by falling for one of these deceivers lies.
  56. So be on the lookout and steer clear of people who teach differently than the truth that you have been taught in the word of God, by true teachers
  57.   KNOW THE TRUTH (V. 9)
  58. Now, John gets really blunt here so that you can understand who is telling the truth and who is not
  59. He says that any one transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ is not of God
  60. The word transgresses has the idea of crossing the line
  61. The law sets the lines that God would have a person to live in
  62. As that person approaches that line they are getting close to crossing over into sin
  63. When you cross over you have displeased God and it is that transgression that deserves hell
  64. Understand that the Bible teaches us that all people have transgressed
  65. We have all crossed the line, we have all sinned against God
  66. But look what John says, if a person transgresses and does not abide or live in the doctrine of Christ that person does not have God
  67. You see the doctrine of Christ is the teaching about Jesusu
  68. The teaching that Jesus lived a sinless life here on earth
  69. The teaching that Jesus died on the cross for the transgressions of people
  70. The teaching that Jesus rose from the grave to go between people and God
  71. The teaching that if you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and rose again, and declare Him as your Lord and Master you will be saved from hell
  72. If you do not live, because you have done that, you do not have God
  73. Because repentance and belief in Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father
  74. But look what John goes on to say
  75. He that does live through the doctrine of Christ has the Father and the Son
  76. If you have a relationship with Jesus you have a relationship with God the Father as well
  77. You only have that relationship when you live through the doctrine of Jesus Christ
  78. When you believe that He died to pay the price for your personal sins
  79. When you believe with all your heart that He rose from the grave
  80. When you confess Him as your Lord and Master because of that belief, you can know God the Father and God the Son and have a relationship with both.
  81. That relationship comes with eternal life-there is no other way to God
  82. That is the truth, and if you stand in that truth you will not be led astray by somebody who does not teach that truth.
  84. John now says something that would be very controversial in our world today
  85. Because we live in a world that says we have to tolerate everybody
  86. That somebody else’s belief is as good as mine and I can’t say anything bad about their belief
  87. That I must recognize their belief is a legitimate as mine and be kind to them and their followers
  88. If I were to get on TV and say that my belief is true and that everyone that does not believe like me is a liar, I would be booed off the stage
  89. But look at this intolerant attitude of the apostle John, which he writes by the leadership of the Holy Spirit of God
  90. If somebody comes to you and does not bring the true doctrine of Jesus Christ that I have just described to you
  91. John says, “receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed
  92. What? Don’t invite the false teacher to your house?
  93. Don’t even wish Him well as he leaves?
  94. That’s what he says, and he gives very good reason
  95. He says that if you receive him or wish him well, then you are partaking in his evil deeds
  96. You might as well be lying to the people out in the world about Jesus yourself if you help this person in any way
  97. Do you see what John is getting at here
  98. This person is not just some harmless person that does not believe like you
  99. This is a person who is leading people to hell
  100. This person is hurting people eternally
  101. This person is a messenger of Satan
  102. Don’t have anything to do with that person
  103. Don’t have anything to do with the work of that person
  104. Don’t invite them over, don’t even wish them well
  105. Because do you understand, if this person does well, people are going to go to hell for eternity
  106. You want this guy to fail, you want this guy to fall flat on his face, you want this guy to be as far away from you and your fellow believers as you can put him
  107. You hope that for lack of support, he will stop what he is doing
  108. False teaching about heaven and hell is not OK, you cannot tolerate it, you should refute it and fight against it every chance that you get

CONCLUSION:  False teachers were a problem in this elect ladies day and they are probably an even greater problem today.  Not everybody believes what the Bible says.  Not everybody is looking out for the spiritual well being of the world.  People are not basically good like the world wants you to believe.  There are people out there who are not on God’s side and they want to convince the world of lies.  Some of them are deceived themselves and you know what some of them are doing it on purpose.  They are calculated in their efforts.  And you need to protect yourself and the people around you from people who are teaching false things.  By recognizing them, guarding yourself against them, knowing and hanging on to the truth about Jesus Christ, and not tolerating anything that opposes that truth.