Posted by Peter Thompson

II John 5-6

Emphasis on Love

INTRODUCTION:  You will remember from last week the emphasis that God expects us to put on truth in our lives.  Here John continues by begging this saved lady to put an emphasis on love in her life as well.  You see love and truth go together.  You cannot have real love without truth and you cannot have real truth without love.  I Corinthians 13:6 says that love rejoices not in iniquity or habitual sin, but love rejoices in the truth.  Love always goes with truth.  So God wants you to see three actions that you need to take in your life to put the emphasis on love.

  1. SHARE IN LOVE (V. 5)
  2. John writes to this saved lady, “I beseech you”
  3. That means, I beg you
  4. I plead with you
  5. This topic is very important to John
  6. And very important for the lady to do
  7. He says I’m not begging you to do any new commandment
  8. In fact, he writes that she has known this commandment from the beginning
  9. Jesus while He was on earth gave this same commandment to His disciples
  10. As a matter of fact, Jesus told His disciples that it would be the way that people would recognize them as disciples
  11. So John says this is nothing new
  12. The commandment is “that we love one another”
  13. Love again is “agape” in the Greek
  14. It is a love that you decide to have
  15. It is a love that you are committed to
  16. It is a love that sacrifices for the good of the other person
  17. It is a love that puts others needs and even preferences of above your own
  18. This is where you give yourself up for somebody else and you make a conscious decision to do it, like Jesus did on the cross
  19. Let me help you understand these words one another
  20. Volunteers: Grey, Jared, Stephanie, Landon
  21. Explain that great is “one” and that all the others are “another”
  22. Jared lost his mother on Tuesday
  23. Stephanie had a car accident and is in the hospital
  24. Landon is being bullied at school and will only talk to you about it
  25. God would have you to love all of your fellow believers that way, sacrificing, getting involved as if they were your problems
  26. Share in love with each other
  27. OBEY IN LOVE (V. 6)
  28. John turns to a love for God here that we need if we are going to love others
  29. There is no agape love without God
  30. If we love God then we will love our fellow believers
  31. And John explains why here
  32. He writes, “this is love”
  33. A definition
  34. John is about to share with us what it really means to love God
  35. And so many people are missing it
  36. Love is walking after the commandments of God-that simply means doing what He says
  37. This is not the first time that we have heard this from John
  38. Remember in I John 5:3 “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.”
  39. Remember, if we love God we not only guard and do his commandments but we do it joyfully
  40. A person who says they love God but is unwilling to do what God says in His word or by His Holy Spirit is a liar
  41. They don’t love God, or they would do what He says
  42. This is not Bro. Pete talking, this is the word of God
  43. Loving God and keeping His commandments are one in the same thing
  44. How about you? Do you love God?
  45. Be careful
  46. In church, we all want to say, “Yes, of course I do Bro. Pete”
  47. But are you willing to keep everyone of His commandments
  48. When you read in the Bible or hear in a sermon that God does not want you to do something that you are doing
  49. Are you going to keep His commandments and stop doing that thing that you love
  50. It might require you to sacrifice some things that you love to do
  51. When you read in the Bible or hear in a sermon from the Bible that God wants you to do a certain thing
  52. Will you get out of your comfort zone and do as He commands even though it is a really hard thing for you to do?
  53. That is how you measure your love for God
  54. By your obedience
  55. Will you obey in love?
  56. LIVE IN LOVE (V. 6)
  1. John again makes a point that this is not a new thing
  2. From the very beginning God has desired for His people to love sacrificially
  3. Love neighbors, love enemies, love our fellow believers, love the whole world like Jesus did
  4. The word agape is used in the New Testament 116 times
  5. This is what Jesus Christ has always wanted from His followers from the beginning
  6. The commandment that you have heard from the beginning that you should walk in is love.
  7. John is writing here to this Christian lady, walk in love
  8. We saw the word walk up in v. 5 but let me explain it to you a little more
  9. It means to live in a certain way
  10. The way that one conducts themselves as they go through life
  11. So the idea here is that you live in love
  12. That as you go through life, loving people is the main thing that you do
  13. Sacrificing for others is the way that you do things
  14. Your life should be marked by sacrifice for others, doing for others, putting yourself last and everybody else first
  15. Completely opposite of what the world teaches
  16. Put yourself aside for everyone else, no exceptions
  17. Friends, enemies, people you just know a little bit, people that are hurting and people that are doing pretty good in life
  18. You will find more of the hurting than the doing pretty good
  19. Love people, every day, every moment of your life.
  20. Always be thinking what can I do for someone else in this moment.

CONCLUSION:  Love is the emphasis of God.  Jesus Christ loved above all else.  Not this fake worldly love that is based in feeling and acceptance.  But real love that is willing to sacrifice for the physical but more importantly the spiritual good of another person.  Love for people that you can only have as you love God.  As Christian people, the world should see that love that we share with each other.  They should see us obeying the God that we love.  They should see our whole life built on self-sacrificing, unconditional, truth loving, committed love like the love of Jesus Christ.