Posted by Peter Thompson

II John 1-4

Emphasis on the Truth

INTRODUCTION:  The major theme of this book is “truth”.  In the first four verses the word “truth” is used five times.  He continues talking about the love that Christian people have for each other which goes hand in hand with the truth and admonishes this lady to look out for false teachers that would take them away from the truth.  Even in his greeting, John emphasizes the truth in a Christian person’s life.  Does truth matter to you?  You see it does not matter much to the world that we live in.  Most of the world believes that as long as you are sincere in whatever you believe that God will bless that.  Understand that there is truth and that the truth matters to God.  You should seek out the truth and let the truth control your life.  You need to put an emphasis on truth in your life.  This passage shows three ways in which you can put the proper emphasis on the truth in your life.

  1. KNOW THE TRUTH (VS. 1-2)
  2. The truth is something that many people do not believe in
  3. Pilot asked Jesus, what is truth?
  4. That is the attitude of most of the world and some Christians
  5. The idea is that we cannot know the truth and that it is ever changing based on the information that we have at that time in history
  6. In the scriptures though we have a different understanding of truth
  7. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. (John 14:6)
  8. The Bible is truth because it came directly from God
  9. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”
  10. God reveals truth to us through His Son Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:2) , and through the pages of His inspired book (2 Timothy 3:16)
  11. While the Holy Spirit teaches us so that we can know the truth that God has revealed (John 16:13)
  12. The word know here is the ginosko in the Greek
  13. It means to perceive or understand fully
  14. In this case it is perfect active
  15. Which means that these people being discussed knew the truth once and continue to know the truth in the present
  16. So these people have seen and understand the truth about Jesus Christ as Lord
  17. They are just like Paul in that they have been saved
  18. The truth lives in them and will never go away from them
  19. We are obviously talking about the truth of salvation
  20. They continue to grow in knowledge as they study the word of God
  21. How about you? Do you feel that you can know the truth
  22. Many of you have known the truth of Jesus Christ
  23. Do you continue to seek the truth of God through His word?
  24. Let me tell you some truth
  25. Jesus Christ is God the Son
  26. He came to earth and lived a sinless life
  27. He went to the cross and died there to pay the price for the sins of the whole world
  28. On the third day He rose from the grave by the power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
  29. If you believe with the heart that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and rose again
  30. If you make Him the Lord of your life
  31. You will have eternal life
  32. Every word that is spoken in these scriptures is true
  33. They cannot be twisted or changed, because they are the very word of God
  34. Believe those truths and anything else that you find in the word
  35. Stand on those truths
  36. Understand those truths fully down to the very fiber of your being
  37. LOVE IN THE TRUTH (VS. 1-3)
  38. But love cannot just be something that you know
  39. Truth is something that will change your life
  40. Truth is something that affects your actions
  41. It is something that is in you and causes a change
  42. Specifically, John is talking about the agape love that he has for this fellow believer and her children
  43. You will remember from our study of the word agape in I John
  44. This kind of love is God love
  45. It can only happen in a person that has the Holy Spirit of God living in them
  46. It happens between Christians because of the truth that we have in common
  47. It is the kind of love that Jesus Christ showed on the cross, where He gave Himself up for our good
  48. This love requires a commitment to the well being of the other person
  49. It sometimes requires great sacrifice on our part to help someone else
  50. When you love somebody this way, it is not really about being nice to them
  51. But about looking out for their good
  52. When someone loves someone else in the truth, you want them to draw close to God through Jesus Christ
  53. Sometimes that requires sharing some hard words with them in love
  54. The truth is living in us, and will be with us forever if we are saved
  55. It is because of the truth of Christ and the Holy Spirit and God the Father
  56. That we have the capacity to love that way
  57. What about you? Are you loving in the truth?
  58. You learn from this passage that everybody that knows the truth should love in the truth
  59. The fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you with that kind of love
  60. That truth, should motivate you to love
  61. That truth should motivate you to sacrifice for others
  62. That truth should motivate you to want the good of others before you want good for yourself.
  63. Start loving people like Jesus loved you
  64. LIVE IN THE TRUTH (VS. 3-4)
  1. John addresses the example of God here in v. 3
  2. These words here are actually in the future tense in the original language
  3. So the idea here is that grace will be with them in the future
  4. Mercy and peace will be with them
  5. You see, these are saved people that he is writing to and these are the things that God is doing and will do in the future for them by sending His Son to die on the cross for them
  6. As they received Him, they are now and in the future partakers of the grace, mercy and peace of God
  7. And that will continue into the future
  8. “in truth and love”
  9. This is God’s truth and love that He showed when he gave this grace, mercy and peace
  10. God promised salvation to all that would believe and make Jesus Lord-and He fulfilled that promise
  11. God never lies, they have and will have this grace, mercy and love, because God truthfully said that they would
  12. And of course the love of God for mankind is evident in the act of sending Jesus to die (quote John 3:16)
  13. So God lives in truth and love and we should follow His example and do everything we do in truth and love
  14. John goes on in v. 4 to talk about this ladies children
  15. He was happy to find them in another place walking in the truth
  16. The word “walking” here has the idea of living and conducting oneself
  17. So here John found her children living and conducting themselves in the truth
  18. And it made him rejoice greatly-it gave him joy on the inside that showed on the outside
  19. Because this is what God wants from His people
  20. When a person knows the truth, that truth will change the way they conduct their whole lives
  21. These saved children of this lady were living out the truth in their lives

Illustration:  Zacheaus-tax collector, theif, greedy, traitor-turned to generous loving follower of Jesus that gave all of his living to restore everything to the ones he had harmed-the change was his knowledge and acceptance of the truth

  1. If you are a saved person, that has received eternal life by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and you keep that truth in mind then you will walk or live to please Him
  2. You know the truth
  3. You spread the truth
  4. You live like somebody that knows that Jesus Christ is your Lord
  5. You obey the commandments in His word
  6. You help others as He showed you example and commanded in His word
  7. You realize all that He is doing for you and you want to pay Him back with everything that you have and do
  8. That is living in the truth
  9. God would have you to live your whole life in the truth
  10. Give Him everything and do everything you do in your life to advance His cause

CONCLUSION:  Do not settle for what sounds good.  Do not settle for what makes you comfortable.  Do not settle for what most people believe.  You need to know what the truth is, love in that truth and live your entire life in that truth.  Settle for nothing less than the absolute truth everyday of your walk with God.